Birthday Hunt With A Stunning Present From Metal Detecting Gods

How to Find Coins

You may have pass through metal detector but have you search metals. This is my “old” metal detector. I bought it at the beginning. Meet the “Vista Gold”. Unfortunately the very first coils were falsing in damp conditions. That was the main reason why I switched to the Deus. But it’s dry today – let’s do ground balance. The lower rod broke, I borrowed one from my “Golden Mask”. Today is my birthday. I hope, the metal detecting Gods have a present for me. First find. Hmm, what is it? I really don’t know. I’m using “Boost” mode, the “Fast” option, DISC is set to the first position. A piece of lead. Is it silver? It looks like silver, but the shape? I don’t know  GPS (POI) #2. Something made of iron. Hmm. Sorry plant. It’s a tiny ring. There is one more problem my coil has. When I don’t hit an iron object with the center of the coil. It often produces a good signal. When I recheck, it’s iron. This can be very annoying.

I don’t know if it’s only my coil. A big piece of lead. The conditions changed. I have to re-ground balance. I like slightly negative G.B. to hear the ground. In this case it was almost equal. The soil conditions are changing every few meters anyway. WWII casing. It’s a lead seal. It’s a coin. One moment please. “2 Reichspfennig”.1875. A deformed lead bullet. A pin fire cartridge. Another casing from the 40’s. The next coin. “1 Reichspfennig”. 1886. When the “ground” is too quiet, it needs negative ground balance. Hmm, now I can turn it almost all the way to the left. I have no idea what it is. It’s already out. A lovely buckle. Sorry about the noise. I guess WWIII just started, the rockets were launched.

A huge nail. Now the ground makes too much noise. That’s about right. “Something small”. It’s heavy. Made of lead. With two holes. What is it? For some reason the macro didn’t work. But you will see a picture at the end. A spoon handle? Probably bitten off. A lead ball/bullet. Looks the same. Probably part of a buckle. The “hair” at the bottom of the screen – it’s my wind protection. Hmm, I have no idea. It’s a baking pan for hamsters. Nothing important. Gold! I think, that’s my birthday present. It’s heavy. Made of two materials? A angel fighting a snake? The back is made of lead? Wow, what a find. Look – an “eagle”! He was sitting the whole time on the tree next to me. He took off to deliver the “he found it” message. There is still something else. That’s weird shaped iron. Hmm. Just in case, if it’s part of the previous object. It was a beautiful day. Just a bend nail. And something else. A piece of foil.

The angry ant is back. Trash. My “friend” the Mosquito. For me? Thanks! Presents everywhere. Hmm. Now it’s complete. Falsing ground or target? Let’s see. It’s there. Between rocks and roots. It’s out, I was expecting something bigger. Just a piece of iron. That’s it. Hmm. Wait a second! The shape looks familiar. That’s an arrowhead! It fits. One moment please, I will “measure” the depth. ~ 11″- the tip is worn out. It looks like a gold coin. But it’s just foil. Two coins :). A “coin” spill. A hammered coin. The angry ant is following me. Who is this? And what is this? Another spoon handle. A purse. No coins. It’s empty. Nothing. A hunt without a wind cap from an old smoking pipe would be weird. This time it’s a button. Something is missing. Not today. This sounds better. Another wind cap from an old smoking pipe. Probably 1700’s. It’s a coin. “2 Reichspfennig”. 1874. I see an old friend. The beetle. He is guarding the find. He has to approve it first. A button.

Another “2 Reichspfennig” coin. 187-something? I think, this detector is doing pretty well today. What is that? Looks like a very old coin. Hmm, I think it might be copper, but I’m not sure. I could be wrong, but this may even be 13th century. I must be thinking about my life. This will be my last target. I mean, for this hunt. It’s a ring. #20 I’m out of bags. It’s time to go. I think, I should use this detector more often. Don’t worry, the Deus will return. How are my assistants doing? Is this a tick?! It was not silver. Early IKEA prototype? “Something”. Spoon/fork handles. THE nail. Some lead. More lead. Even more lead. This strange object is made of lead too. A button. Another one. A lead seal. Hmm. Probably part of a buckle he small baking pan. Wind protection cap from an old smoking pipe. Another one – model name: “The eagle”. The tiny buckle. A very old coin? Notice the “roof of a church”. Now it is pointing up. The arrowhead. It looked like a  piece of iron at first. Archangel Micheal and the serpent.The backside  Trash. Treasure. And more treasure.


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