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You don’t have to go to a metal detecting service if you know how to detect them. That is awesome Hi and welcome to another episode of the weekly dirt, my name is DK with adventures in dirt Hey for those who aren’t familiar the weekly dirts weekly series I put on every Sunday We’re all bringing the best of what our metal detecting world has to offer. I’ll show you some awesome finds I’ll introduce you some cool channels and I’ll tell you about some giveaways and some events going on in our metal detecting world every Sunday Join me here to end your week on the weekly dirt. Hit that subscribe button right there If you’re not already subscribed, we’d love to have you as part of the family Don’t forget to ring that bell to keep your notifications up to date Hey You know, I saw a quote today about Father’s Day and it really made me think of my own father was great It said my father didn’t tell me how to live.

He simply lived and he let me watch him do it My father’s not with us anymore. But I’ll tell you that quote really made me think of him And so for all you that her father’s out there. I want to wish you a great day Happy Father’s Day from adventures in dirt Hey It’s been a great week out there in our metal detecting community tons of great videos coming in awesome fines being found some epic epic bucket lists I’m telling you some good stuff Pamela start things off by introducing you to a cool channel If you’re not already familiar with tridents treasures, that’s right. Paul over there. Triton’s treasures great channel always on the goods Hey, he’s back at it and better than ever.

Let’s check in this week with Triton’s treasures watch this Oh my god Hold on a minute Steve Look at this. Oh my god, let’s get some sunlight that looks like there’s somebody sitting on this gigantic dandy button Can you guys make that out That’s what we got I’m going to have to zoom in keep that sunlight on it There we go we’ll get that beautiful zone there is just So much work everywhere on it and on the back Shank in time What do you think that is Steve Myself asleep Alan Good deal Okay, so here we go This is another unknown Wow look at that. That is awesome Trying to keep it in the frame and look at it at the same time Gosh, oh, it’s French to me they had so many Tories here from so many different factions that It just amazes me how many different variety of buttons are finding here? Wow just a big mix of fines.

I got a lot of that for you this week, but tried ins treasures Wow great job Man, awesome finds buttons coins a little bit of everything you guys like that. That’s what this channel is all about You need to head on over there check out his channel go Tell him you saw him here on the weekly dirt and give them a lot of support to try Dihn’s treasures everyone go check them out links down below. Hey from the dirt Let’s go to the sand and let’s go underwater and check in with diamond in the sand great channel always finding the goods Let’s see what he was up to this week. Check it out from diamond in the sand watch this Hey, you just never know what you’re gonna find underwater like that great recoveries from diamond in the sand and what an awesome gold medallion You find there to round things out.

Congratulations Two diamonds in the sand everyone go over and check out his channel I’ll put the link down below go give him a big thumbs up show him some support Awesome Channel diamonds in the sand go check my hey from the water. Let’s head back inland and check in with we’ll be dig in That’s right. Great week for him and his digging partner out there just out there finding some great treasures I’ll tell you check it out this week from will be dig in.

What’s it? Old pocket knives, do you better not in better shape? They never are it’s like America You can see 20 something Signals and you have a hard time finding and you just chase it and chase it That was this one little tiny thing Thing with silver cross things don’t know if it is silver, but probably maybe Yeah Man is cool Oh some kind of military.

I don’t know which we found these before I’m just found this pretty neat little token Hmm Now cuz it says good and trade, huh? Sold decorative spoon, yeah That’s pretty cool it is an old token some kind This sides pretty cool it’s an old token is a Barbie We’ll pull it out there man. Let’s squirt it that I heard a good tone over here, but man It’s been eating me and eat me. That is the prettiest ugliest cone I ever say Yeah, I can’t tell them barbar Merc. No, pull it out. Let’s see Oh Even better guys, are you is it is it seated? It’s seated. Oh my gosh, it is to 1889 oh, that is a gorgeous Great job dig in boy.


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