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Rare Metal Detecting Finds

Mountain Consider hitting the subscribe button if you like to be filled in on some of the best find some of the best channels It’s all right here. We would love to have you as part of the family Hey, just want to say a big hello to all my friends over in the UK that were able to go attend the Detective all 2018 metal detecting festival look like a great time I’ve been seeing a lot of videos come in on it and I just want to say a big. Congratulations To those you were able to make it and I hope you all have a great amount of fun someday I’m gonna make it over there and join you all for sure But hey, hope you guys all had some great hunts and met some great people and had some great fun Hey, the theme of this episode is extremely rare finds.
I hope you all enjoy it I’m gonna start off by heading a little down south further where I’m hidden, Colorado and check in with Rocky Mountain Relics 80 Pro Eric down there found himself a great great item He wasn’t able to film the dig, but he’s showing us this item. He found it looks pretty awesome Check this out from Rocky Mountain.
Relics 80 Pro. Check this out I didn’t get a video of fight this fine, but I got a new battery so things should be better now and this is a badge I found I Have this one down here just pause it and you can read what it says This badge is the property of C and Cos DB is not for sale C credentials of holder.
This is the front Hope you can see it decent s– I cleaned it just a little so you could react areolar says but it’s granting and company’s detective bureau Cincinnati Ohio but it was 1890s. It’s like the best I can come up with And that’s the back And here’s a picture of the Front’s I have this one down here here’s a display That somebody had up for sale and this is a book that he wrote And this year is a card from one of the detectives and the guy’s name was Marshall and Wilson if you can see down here, so the picture was taken in Mont rose Colorado, so that’s pretty cool. They were clear out here apparently because I I found one there’s the card See there was nine 1892 And this was a state of Arkansas so these guys were all over the place here you can see one of the detectives This marshal and Wilson here.
He’s wearing the badge on his D on his a vest And there is again Very little information.
Sorry, I didn’t have the dig.
Hey, you know ever since I got into metal detecting I’ve always had this dream of maybe finding a badge.
You know, I’m out here in the Wild West right? Wouldn’t it be cool to find a sheriff’s badge or something? well Eric found the next best thing that he found a detective’s badge How cool that’s more realistic than what I was thinking about. It’s a great job Eric.
What a find.
What a find very rare detective’s badge great job, buddy Love seeing that who loved the research you did on it everyone head on over to his channel if you’re not a fan already head on over there to Rocky Mountain relics 80 Pro Check in with Eric become a fan become a subscriber and go check him out Hey another great rare find that came up.
This week was from unearthed UK Ltd Let’s head on over the UK and check in with Graham over there and watch what he pulled out of there.


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