The Hunt for VIKING Coins

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Are you beginning metal detecting. I’m going to find the dirhem before you, Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. It might be the dirhem. It might be the dirhem. Look. Look. Look. Man man My god Oh Odin. That’s a silver coin slowly Nice nice nice. It’s an old coin. It’s an old coin By Baldur’s balls Wow Man That’s a really really really old silver coin a hammered one half of it Looks like it has a cross or does it have a cross? Not sure, some kind of writing Writing is in Latin alphabet. I can see an E And a T and some other letters there, so it’s not a dirhem. Dirhems are in Arabic But wow. Oh My god, oh my god. That’s Jaloviina. That’s Jaloviina That’s Jaloviina. Nice I’ll clean it up and I will give Joel a shout Joel, we got a old hammered coin here, silver Old hammered coin? wow.

Wanna come and have a look? Emil just found a silver. silver. Look at that one. Wow, such pretty Here, I cleaned it up a bit. It says shilling Danske shilling in Danish and you can see half the year there in the top corner. It could be 1715. Whoa 300 about 300 year old silver then. That’s the oldest silver we have found on this trip actually Think so At least Age doesn’t matter It’s still Jaloviina. Silver is silver. Nice. Not a dirhem but good one. Getting close, getting close. Look what just popped out from the hole boom That’s a coin baby What coin is it? No idea no idea completely worn you can’t see some I Have no idea. Some guy here Maybe I will wash it a little bit then see Can’t really see anything on it, but I have seen my Viking coins dirhem coins, and I know that this Isn’t a dirhem coin. So I have to get moving and find that one Okay, the hunt is on for the first dirhem silver viking coin and what’s so special about them? You might ask.

Well one thing about them. That’s for sure hundred percent, is that a dirhem was transported from the Arabic countries in the viking up here to Denmark, Sweden, Norway Even England through the trade route Going the reverse through Russia or something like that, right? There were the coins themselves they have arabic text on them and they come from the Muslim world and It’s probably plunder raids maybe trade Somewhere out there in Russia Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean area and if you find them here in Denmark Then it’s proved that the Viking has had that dirhem in his hand. There’s no other way it could have ended up here So that’s what’s so special about them.

We’ve been looking for them for years Back in Finland, but here we know that they are on this field So I better get going There is dirhems to be found Just found a beautiful coin. 2 öre. 1867. I think it’s Carl the 15th. Yeah Carl the 15th. It says Swedens, North, Goth and Vend King. In the edge here and that means like Sweden’s and Norway’s and the Goths and The Vends King or something like that, so it’s It’s like a Swedish coin Awesome Now we just have to go like a thousand. Yeah thousand years older to find that dirhem. Emily is Searching there, so I have to beat him I’m down here in the corner of the field.

I think that’s the hot spot and I believe it’s also virgin land No metal detector coil has ever been there maybe May be they have but at least they miss the silver there in the corner and up there Jorl found the Viking fibula. So this is a really potentially good place I’m just walking lines up and down here in the corner I’ll finish this off in an hour or two and hopefully we got something there just wanted to show this because it’s very pretty pretty. Sack seal trying to pronounce something not exactly sure what that means other side also nice flower Perhaps it’s not a sack seal. Maybe a cloth seal.

Not sure but very pretty piece of lead and heavy I’ll better crack on. Rest of the club’s down there for some reason they’re not here. I’m not sure why because there’s lots of good finds Hey their loss. My viking gain. I’m on the coin trail now. Two shilling 1815 Copper coin but Emily’s down still there in the bushes. So I’m Winning him. I will soon find a dirhem someone has missed this spot, coin spot. I’m on a roll now. Boom goes the toy cannon Hello, it looks like a old cannon hand-sized pocket cannon like that I have found one of this once before in England and I heard that you were able to fire them somehow I believe hundred two hundred years old, perhaps Somehow the kids could put something Gunpowder or something in there and fire something boop boop.

Boom. Boom Joel out there looking for the dirhem. I’m down here Looking for more dirhems. They are somewhere here. I’m just walking lines now and I’ll catch it Probably here Ok, one of my best finds this afternoon. I have here.Let me show you oh This is probably a blade Knife shaving blade or something like that could be like from the Bronze Age Bronze Age maybe So could have been used for shaving it’s still really sharp even if old Hope I don’t cut myself This will go for the museum. So I will bag this one found it somewhere here put it in the Bag boom Bag this one close it and then I will take a spoon Plastic this time, not the one I found earlier. Put it here It’s ready to go. Just when I started to film I saw this on the ground. I noticed this one.

Just a piece of a rock that has been rounded Like this kind of pebble. This rock isn’t actually from bornholm. This has been imported from the mainland of Denmark and they have found these on Bornholm a lot and They are almost always the same size. People don’t know why they are here but they were guessing that this could be like gaming pieces to some kind of medieval game or They don’t know they age but could have been a viking game This could have been a pawn of some kind. Awesome. Man, the corner of the field strikes again. Yee haw Already got bag there, bag there and here might be the next bag Where did it go? Can you guys believe that sure, looks like a silver coin Yes, it is. Yes it is.

Yes it is Nice a bit more modern eighteen hundreds Whoa Which in Denmark is not old at all? but in America There this would be ancient Let’s see, it’s a nice shield there Or whatever it is. Not too familiar with Danish coins yet. Just been here for a few days but that’s 10 Öre. Do we have a year? Something really tiny in there. Can see what it says? Is it? 1874 Really hard down by the oak leaves I’m quite sure. It’s 1874 Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Nah Very very nice. I will wash it and have my shot of Jaloviina. I came running from the other side of the field only to give Emil this Jaloviina bottle. You know there is a timlapse camera there, so they can see you did not run. Oh damn. Lazy bastard. 1874 Cheers 150 years old silver not too bad. It tastes really good. Damn that timlapse camera.

Everyone is wrapping up now club members going home and Here’s the best finds of the day from everyone we were about seven, eight people in total and if you found something older than 1500’s, you bagged it or if it’s something of maybe historical interest Earlier than that you also bag it. So let’s just quickly go through what we have here. Here’s the fibula That Joel found The best find of course. Cannon and the seal, that’s my find Handle from a knife if this might be a military knife actually That is the hand guard of the knife Here we have a razor blade or a knife blade My cannonball. wow, that’s pretty what is that Some kind of button, belt or something, something It’s beautiful, whatever it is. That’s some kind of viking age coin That one of the guys found we had a huge discussion if that’s aluminum or silver or a replica of something, but I believe That’s a viking age coin for sure For sure One of the other Club members found it I am 100% sure 100% sure Viking coin, I can feel it. I am sure as well It was a great day Absolutely awesome day the club is really nice, friendly people. Had a great day out in the field.


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