Treasure Talk – The Metal Detecting Basic Principles

Metal Detecting Finds

Hi there and welcome to  treasure talk blog I’m your host Brandon knees picking the correct metal detector is tough and with thousands on the market the decision gets overwhelming that’s why today we’re going to take a look at some of the basic principles of metal detector operation let’s talk a little bit about metal detecting technology and how it applies to the metal detectors job. One of the more common technologies in metal detection is called vlf or very low frequency very low frequencies are very popular because they tend to discriminate very well and by discriminate i mean has the ability to pick and choose the signals that you want to hear or the ones that you don’t personally I don’t like to hear (iron ). So I block iron signals out that’s discrimination most vlf metal detectors work by using a single frequency and asa rule of thumb the higher the frequency.

The smaller bits of metal you’ll be able to find but the trade-off is the higher frequencies don’t penetrate the ground very deep so if you’re looking for small things that are close to the surface a high-frequency vlf metal detector might be the tool for you most be left detectors today only emitone frequency but there are exceptions kind of like the CTX 3030 the CTX 3030operates using what they call full band spectrum or fps technology FB Stechnology enables the user to analyze several different frequencies at the same time there’s a couple huge benefits to using multi-frequency detectors this allows you to search for small things close to the surface while looking for big things down deep it covers that full-spectrum full band spectrum having more than one frequency allows you to analyze the target different properties simultaneously both ferrous and non-ferrous pulse induction machines operate on a whole different technology than the LF metal detectives pulse inductors.

Do exactly what they sound like me they send pulses into the ground in between those pulses the Machine analyzes the feedback one of the huge benefits to pulse induction machines is that they are almost impervious to ground mineral zation which is why they’re used in the gold fields quite frequently zero voltage technology is a new technology from that they’ve put in the GPC 7,000 it’s different than pulse induction because it’s constantly sending and receiving information by constantly sending and receiving information this machine is both extremely sensitive and extremely deep and is kind of a one-trick pony but it does that trick really good so whatever your application is make sure that the Machine fit yeah yeah for more in-depth look on metal detecting technology check out my book for metal detecting Bible thanks for joining us on this edition of treasure talk next month be sure to join us as we talk about some of the accessories and other tools of the trade that we use when we metal.


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