Minelab EQUINOX Introduction

Don’t go for metal detectors sales. I’m super excited to share with you mine labs new metal detector the equinox The equinox Siri is great for both serious beginners and experts who are wanting to step up into mine labs multi-frequency performance there’s two great models to choose from the Continue Reading

Metal Detectors TX-950

About Metal Detectors TX-950

What are the safeline metal detectors. We will talk about metal detectors TX-950 Let’s look at the complete set of the device, let’s talk about the functionality of the device and controls I’ll tell you what kind of search you can attach this device and what categories of devices it Continue Reading

Detect Metals

Metal Detecting Finds

You don’t have to go to a metal detecting service if you know how to detect them. That is awesome Hi and welcome to another episode of the weekly dirt, my name is DK with adventures in dirt Hey for those who aren’t familiar the weekly dirts weekly series I Continue Reading