Куча денег из металлолома ! Поиск с металлоискателем // Юрий Гагарин

Look, he probably made of gold! be careful! what is that? thought they found scrap, but found an old find welcome friends Today is not an ordinary movie we decided to follow the trends We decided to clear this field from metal trash And make some money for charity In Russia, metal is expensive. Another fact, in Russia it is lying on the fields us garbage Let’s find out how much you can earn by cleaning up the trash! We will spend the money from the sale of scrap metal to school supplies for poor families This is useful work – we will clear the field for future searches Exercise is good for your health. When we clean up the trash, we can find finds covered by metal parts A lot of garbage – splinters, machine parts All this we will find and take to metal processing factory sit back first batch of garbage there is a German helmet in the trough various metal rods and sheets mine parts parts of a German stove german helmet huge pipe moto towing will help us We arrived at the second point Let’s carry trash grass is low. garbage is clearly visible holy! This is from what? This is part of a jet bomb. Is it from a cat or a dog? probably a dog skull another find look what a huge splinter very thick weighs 10 pounds weighs a minimum of 10 pounds steel rope another steel cable when will it end? It turned out! Did you find something? did you dig it by yourself? look what a huge steel cable this is probably a tank cable let’s put it down The museum may have an interest in this subject. i think – no it’s trash lug do you like this fitness?) it’s good for health the signal sounds is like a brass item lets see! maybe this is a samovar This is probably a box! look! handles look this golden be careful digging scrap metal and found antiquity probably there was an old village it’s heavy because inside are gold coins what a huge! This is not a samovar! This is a German powder keg The second batch of iron We continue to collect garbage It’s time to take stock loaded the car, now let’s see how much money we earn And here is the result sold steel trash, it turned out 5400 rubles (90 dollars) and brass sold in the amount of 3,500 rubles (60 dollars) Total 150 dollars not bad for a few hours of work most importantly we cleared the field getting kids to school is not the cheapest event We will transfer these goods to needy families

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