Нашли Cамолет времен второй мировой на поверхности! металлоискатель // Юрий Гагарин

hello guys! Today we are going to new expedition for searching technique and airplanes We are in a huge bog! We will visually search Lost vehicles and airplanes I think I found something! Check it out! Oh my God! the remains of the plane! Armored capsule engine! some mechanisms! hydraulics hatch strewn everywhere armor pieces armor pieces with hatch very thick ice difficult to work under such conditions plywood pieces there may have been nameplate a cylinder liner This holes made by rivets or by bullets? Here is the airplane IL-2 I think we’ll get airplane in the summer! As you can see, the aircraft is on the surface All the most important thing in the water. Guns, wings We need a serious technique! Therefore meet in the summer!


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