Раскопки на железной реке, вещи из Ила, поиск с металлоискателем \ Юрий Гагарин

looks like a german helmet Do not rush, come to me there are cracks blue clay inside balaclava preserved yes there is a big crack painted several times there was an eagle but the eagle is painted over let’s clean it neatly let’s see what’s inside Dutch comfort if the helmet were a little deeper .. look what a beautiful clay the balaclava will be preserved well Katya, give me a knife leather skin would be ideal aluminum hoop crowd of advisers gathered yes we can only watch this take out quick! awesome! You were right! a crack doesn’t spoil it much i see letters F German signed his helmet Good balaclava, helmet is not so much iron river gives finds I want to tell you one story my friend bought rare coins but it turned out to be fakes according to the catalog it is very expensive but the coins are not real so you don’t get into this situation use the international forum “Violiti ” there you can identify the finds as well as find out their cost, and you can sell it I will leave a link to the forum in the description below Soviet sapper shovel perfectly preserved amazing metal condition as last time? yes same More precisely, probably better the metal on the cut glistens crustaceans stuck 1941 Comintern 1941 guys this is a Mosin rifle in excellent condition upper pad destroyed the rifle was deep, maybe Misha broke it color is adorable Have you ever seen anything like this? oil drains 1LYA5991 if you see again in our movie it’s a hoax trigger works and here is the bayonet knife for this rifle probably also in bluing after a rifle, no one surprise it meanwhile continue to deepen Vasya, where are you going? Got full pockets of finds and run away? don’t eat underwater pineapples another comb for horses comb for horses either for very dirty people this time the condition is much better Drum for Tommy gun joke, its Drum for PPSh-41 filled? no empty I see that you scratched it with a shovel need to wash we found better f1 hand grenade dangerous find lets wash it my grandmother keeps eggs in the same insert for grenades can be used for modeling dumplings Gazzaev loves everything related to food insert for m-39 grenades box another bayonet knife awesome oh, it so beautifull 75 mm german shell what is written? SW this is the number 4 gently, you hold your finger on the fuse think about your family protected from mosquitoes look how red it is just don’t drop it, it has a damaged detonator no need to click on this button if you want to press, move away from us -where is my shovel? dangerous find now we ritually drown this I found too we found pps-41 it’s like new it is a pity that it was on the bottom surface it exploded German anti-tank mine Mosin rifle again very bad did you neutralize it under water? look this is some bucket all that remains of the German rifle

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