look rifles are right on the surface one rifle even with a bayonet let’s get it wooden butt rotted even the magazine rotted out in this instance partly preserved magazine a friend told me that he found a submachine gun butt from a submachine gun Shpagin in this place it is broken maybe the sappers tried to destroy the weapon remnants of belts Interesting, is it a whole? it looks like I did it all that’s left of it even the body rotted drum rotten, cartridges stick like corn in this place the marsh does not spare iron interesting signal look! This is a German flask. complete with a glass remnants of belts crushed possible explosion or ice with a stopper let’s wash washed a little badly crumpled another rifle all rifles have a broken butt here do not rush i ll try to pull it out many signals here is a mosin rifle here is a helmet it is not clear with the soldier or not Larik will get a helmet remnants of helmet in white winter coat fights here took place in January some kind of mold I check for the remains of a soldier there is something there some clothes maybe there here butt sticks out butt crumbles in the hands butt crumbled plywood awesome rifle the iron in this place is bad do not rush please she, too, with the Bolt one more helmet Misha took out an aluminum spoon with the signature of the owner now we wash it there is a signature judging by the state of the spoon, there are human remains nearby found a Soviet gas mask it was in the bag and took its form found the Soviet boiler early very good condition look for the soldier’s signature we found the remains of the legs one more butt Found a knife wrapped in a belt leg bones Laric says that there is another signal this is the main subject and there are some other subjects cartridge pouch with cartridges full ammo everything has rotted some kind of bottle with a cap what is written incredible the USSR Hematogen very deep


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