3.5mm Bluetooth Dongle (Audio Receiver) Review

Hi everyone Thank you for joining me
for a new video of item review I’m going to review a new package This one it’s quite small as you can see (It) look very nice And I really enjoy opening it…
Un-boxing it… And sharing with you
the excitement So let’s see what’s inside
It’s quite small today It’s quite easy to open it
it’s not so difficult So inside we reveal that
it’s a Bluetooth dongle It’s supposed to connect to the
car audio system… in my car… And to…
transfer music and sounds and whatever From my mobile phone and from anything… Any player that has a Bluetooth connection So if you don’t have (a) Bluetooth connection in your car
You can (plug) this thing So it’s supposed to connect to the 3.5mm slot
in my audio system in my car And inside you have the dongle itself This is how it looks like Over here you have the… Where you plug it… You have a button
You have (a) microphone here Not sure what it is for… And you also have a… HDMI… or whatever it is… Charging cable (slot)… I’m not sure what this thing is… so…
(*** This is a Micro-USB slot ***) We should… check it out
(*** This is a Micro-USB slot ***) Right now you can see that this thing
it’s connected to the… button… I notice that the button… it looks nice… OK… And then you’re supposed to… Ah… I’m not sure… Charge it…? or whatever… I’m going to make sure… It’s very…
very surprising that it has this microphone… Over here… I didn’t take that in account
when I purchased this thing It (cost) me something like…
4-5-6 dollars on Aliexpress Well this thing it’s made (from) of plastic It’s not so… exclusive
but it’s not so cheap… You know… The material it’s nice… Like every other dongle that
you ever (got to hold) in your hand Ah… it looks nice…
and (I) have to make sure what… How it works in order to have
my impression of it If it works nice and it does the job… It’s supposed to be very good You have also (a) user manual inside It’s in English It’s very short And it looks… very… Understood… I hope it’s very easy to
work this thing out So you have a product description Technical parameters Packaging… Accessories…. Well it contains everything… Charge… you’re supposed to charge it With the USB connection So this thing is a USB connection Ahhhhm… Pairing…
You have (an) explanation how to pair this thing Play music…
How to play the music And hands free indicator Charging… And connected… That’s it So I have to… check this thing out After I learn how to (operate) this thing And I will share with you my user experience in my car Hi again So I’ve been using this device
for several weeks And I have to tell you
This is just an amazing product This thing…
it broadcasts audio from your mobile device… Or from your tablet… Or from your… PC… Everything that has a Bluetooth connectivity
And broadcasts sounds and music And it does that… let’s say… for instance
to my audio system in my car Which has (a) 3.5 mm slot Also if you have an audio system that has one… Or you need to make adjustments
to do that… So… if (an) audio system doesn’t have Bluetooth…
it’s very easy to… make it… Transform it (into) a device with Bluetooth…
with this device So it’s brilliant
and it’s cheap And the quality of the sound is just amazing
It’s like… it depends on the speakers Or the headphones that you’re using But the sound is just the same as
(if) played from the device… The original device… In addition it has an amazing feature It has a (microphone) for your mobile phone You have this mic hole here And when your mobile phone… While you’re driving… Is connected to the audio system…
and you have a phone call… then you answer… And (if) it broadcasts (via) Bluetooth
so you can answer the phone call And start talking (through) the speaker So it’s amazing The sound quality of the speaker it’s more than OK It’s not the best speaker
for your mobile phone But it’s a very good one And for the price – it’s more than OK And this is why I think overall this device
is just amazing and I recommend it Right now I’m going to
demonstrate you I’m going to turn it on It shows after 3 second
that it’s turned on OK… so you have 2 lights “Red” doesn’t…
it means that it’s not connected “Blue” means that it’s connected You can read the manual / instructions
for further explanations how to connect it And… sometimes it… Shows… the device… Over here it revels it in several seconds
Sometimes you just need to enter a password Everything is in the manual… instructions… Right now I’m going to switch it off again So I’m going to show you how it sounds like
when you’re using it When it’s connected to your audio system So right now I’m connecting it
to the audio system That’s it Like… you can decide how you want it to be Charging this thing… You (can) do that (with) a mobile phone charger I have a (Samsung) Galaxy S5 it’s the same USB cable that…
turns this thing on Anyway it takes (about) half hour
to charge it And you can also play
while you’re charging it… In your car If the battery is low So It’s very easy to do that You turn your audio system on You switch it to Auxiliary (mode) Right now the volume (level) is OK
and I’m turning this thing on So I showed you the light
right now you can hear the sound That’s it – it’s connected And the second sound
that you heard right now It’s the Blue one So you see that it’s connected
to my mobile phone right now (Do) you see the blue light?
💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Do you see the blue light !?!?!?!?
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 It means that it’s connected right now Anyway I’m going to show you… let’s say… for instance… I’m going to… go to YouTube… Sometimes I drive my 🚗 And I play music…
sounds… Anything from YouTube… OK… So I just go
inside the first video that I see here… I don’t want to (play) anything
that harms copyright… So let’s (choose) this video… I’m playing it right now…. OK.. so you (can) hear the sound… OK… so you heard the sound
The sound (comes) out from the mobile device And it’s the same sound (quality)
as you hear from your speakers If you have great speakers
you will have great sound If you have mediocre speakers
you will have mediocre sound But the thing is – it’s much better
(compared to) IR devices that broadcasts (Using) radio waves or whatever…
you know… Because the IR devices that broadcasts
from your mobile phone to your… Audio system… So the sound quality…
you have the noises… And the sound quality is less than satisfying… I did a review for something that I purchased… Quite similar to that
with the intentions… (with what) it does… This thing… it’s small… it’s compact… It’s very efficient…
it has those two features The sound and… mobile speaker… And it’s very cheap… Now that sound quality is brilliant… Just for that I’d buy that… So All the (other) features are more than welcome…
you know…!? So if you ask me This device is the only device you need
to have in your car for Bluetooth (audio play) And if you don’t have a mobile (phone) speaker
then it’s also good It’s very easy to install it It’s like… The battery consumption of this thing
is very good I think (it works) like for several hours… like 8 hours…
something like that… And after that you can still charge it
very quickly So if you ask me
I recommend this receiver… Bluetooth receiver…
dongle… You should get one… Try that…
For the price it’s more than recommended…. 2 thumbs up for that And I hope that you liked this video If you have any further questions
you’re more than welcome to write me And I will try to get back to you
with the best answer And I hope that you liked this video You’re more than welcome to press a “Like”
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I really enjoy making those videos as you can see And if you have other items that you want
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ask me… And I might do that So thank you for watching this video Bye Bye

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