A Day in Park with Metal Detector

A Day in Park with Metal Detector

I got something interesting! And it’s a Rovio Angry Birds Super three viber-ax fishing lure. Because it’s a Angry Bird lure You need these security things for really really big fishes because they love this Angry Birds things and I guess even a bigger fish have taken this and the line has broken. But I’m gonna take this home. I’m gonna fix it. Put uh, Put up like hooks on it and go fishing someday. Hey, welcome to True Vikings Today, I’m doing some beach detecting again I’m gonna go in to this water pick up the gold ring. At least one. I have feeling that this is the day. This is the day that I find a gold I am in Yxpila or Yxpihlaja in Finland. This is a old harbour town known for really tough people sailors.

This was a big town before like People came here and went to the sea to America everywhere, it used to have a lot of pubs and activity and Fighting every every week or something like that I’m sure that some sailors have been here on this beach and Yeah went swimming with those gold rings that they came back to town with from faraway countries Forgot my treasure bag in the car, but I found this nail it was my first single This could have hurt someone. Second signal again a nail Now we know that they have been doing a lot of nailing in Yxpila at least. High-pitched signal 20-21 Could be a bottle cap or Gold ring. Oh I can see it already And this this is this is my first coin today. I can already know I already know what it is It’s a ten. No I didn’t know. One penny. You can choose the best metal detector for gold here- https://metaldevice.com/best-metal-detectors-for-gold-reviews/

Yksi PenniƤ. The year is 1969. 69 was a good year. At least a good position. Should be in the scoop. Hmm Goddamnit. Same kind of signal. As the last coin. Maybe this one is my second coin. Someone has been partying here. It should be in the scoop. Yeah This isn’t the coin. What is it? Oh, yeah a Hello Kitty. Look at that Yeah girls love this stuff. Oh Look what I have in the scoop. This is a coin. What coin is it? 20 Penni.

Old finish coin again. I don’t know the year These are the sixties seventies I presume Nice coin, nothing special. I have found Hundreds of these. Look at this, I can already see it. Oh Yeah, this is pure profit Good thing it’s waterproof. I would have destroyed it a long time ago Yeah, so 2 euros the best coin to find actually in Finland Because it’s the most worth. So two euro profit. Awesome! Really high-pitched signal One of the best ones today Lets see what we find. I can already see one coin.

One coin in the scoop. Lets see what we find. What coin is it? Copper. 10 Pennies and it’s one of these a little bit older ones With the finish lion, so probably from the 1920s or 30s Cool It’s when you get deeper in the water, older stuff, so maybe there’s these old gold rings too somewhere. Great signal here, 30 32 33, that could be some kind of silver. I Would guess silver ring, but it would be nice Lets Check Actually, can you see that? Think we got a ring here. Beautiful beautiful filled with just crap Stone crap on it.

But yes, I have got Some silver rings before I know What they sound like and look at that Look at that silver ring Yes silver it has a Some some inscription in it marks stamps silver stamps Awesome First ring of the day first silver of the day. Oh This made my day. I guess you can see a coin in the scoop. Coin in the scoop. I thought it would be something much better but, nope. Five penny. From the, these are from the 1980’s or 70’s. Another coin in the scoop.

These you have seen before if you have watched my videos Ten penny 1998 Nothing Nothing new. Small hinge from a belt buckle, I think nice It’s soon lunch time but I found 10 cents, so I Almost got lunch covered soon. Two euros and ten cents. Whoopee-doo found my first earring It had got a bit dark that it looked like it could have been silver. But I don’t think it is oh And there it goes oh no. Ooh, now I found something cool. I thought it would be a Musket ball, but I think it’s from this fishing Fishing weight Musket ball would have been cool.

All right Silver ring in the scoop. This is my second today 925 sterling silver Still waiting on that gold ring though. This is a pretty one also a Lot of silver rings on this beach. Still should be at least two or three golds here somewhere. Now I have a coin Got a nice signal nice high-pitched signal and it’s a 50 cent. Oh How much do I have now two euros and Sixty cents I I don’t know something like that Nice Getting a profit today.

I actually have a one story about Yxpihlaja. That is pretty funny When this was a harbor town people from all places in Finland came to Yxpihlaja and took the boat to Americas for better life, gold, you know. Some people from like Himanka It’s a small town in Finland. They got to Yxpihlaja, but they thought that There was already so much partying here stuff going on so they stayed people actually called this place like, Himanka America. America for the Himanka people So that’s pretty funny.

A great signal thought it would be my third silver ring, but no no no Well, you guys know what this is. They give a really good signal high-pitched. Look who came and look at me Duck, small duck. A lot of shit in my scoop now, got a lot of signals. No idea what it is this Crap I guess, yes. Look at this look at this That’s a ring, third ring of the day. I think it’s Fake I’ll have to check later Might have something. Yeah something so silver not silver. Oh nice find.

Hey, money money money It’s a ten cent again People have been swimming a lot with money here Ten cents, pure profit. Almost three euros today Found a key to a bike Now if I would find the bike Got a great signal. And look at this. It’s a ring again, but What ring is it? Looks golden. This is my first gold ring, finally This summer, first gold. I knew it would be here. I knew it. It has a lot of dirt on it, but it says wait for it.

1/100th of 24 carats. Yeah, I Would do the gold dance right now, but I’m afraid that I will fall. But I knew there would be a gold ring here. I knew it. I knew it I knew it. It has had some Diamonds or something on it. But they are gone now. Unfortunately, that’s beautiful. That’s a beautiful ring Sometimes you just wonder why you are digging.

I got a cramp in my bad cramp in my toe and I dug up this bottle. Old bottle. But this one will be beautiful Probably some old vodka bottle My last signal before lunch, it’s Thursday so of course I’m gonna go eat some pea soup and pancakes after my last signal. Lets see what I got. I can see a coin. Coin it is. But what coin. Two euros. I Think. No, this is a new coin Turkey coin. Never found a turkey coin before. Is it a Turkish lira, one lira? Turkish lira 2009 They have really bad economy right now Erdogan and stuff like that. So this isn’t Worth anything I guess right now. But my first Turkish coin. That’s awesome.


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