AKS GOLD DETECTOR Comparison Test | Original or Fake? – AKS Detectors

hello guys I want to check if the real
gold AKS device is working or not I bought two Chinese devices this is
from aliexpress this from Alibaba this is from the US manufacture the original
one I guess detectors this is the real gold
aks I want to test it I just receive it it’s cost me $2,700
okay they really really helped me with the customs and tax payment they advised
me this is really nice people you know they don’t have nothing to afraid of
they know what they selling these to manufacturers the Chinese manufacturers
is the worst people in the whole world this device doesn’t work at all okay
this is garbage I will show you and this I want to check
this is look really really the same the same like the real one this is the real
one and this is the Chinese fake $300 okay it’s look the same but you can
notice little things back the Ender is loose it’s going to break. the handel is
really tiny it’s for I don’t know it’s for tiny people you know it for Chinese
people it’s really really tiny I don’t have the six antennas just going to
attach it I didn’t receive it at all the user manual no quality look on the
printing no quality three three pages three four pages totally bullshit I
can’t understand what they’re writing here I don’t know it’s like they use
Google Translate with something it’s in English here but I can’t understand it
at all okay so look at the charger also in the
charger you can see aks on the charger they have serial number unique serial
number suitcase on the device top here okay also a suitcase this is military
suitcase waterproof it’s a help our plastic you know it’s good
suitcase it’s feel good this is I don’t know five bucks
suitcase low quality low quality this device I open it up okay I want to
choose four ball I’m going to find gold hopefully today and I press it doesn’t
work at all okay I trying to reach the seller the Alibaba seller he doesn’t
answer my calls my text messages anything
this is totally proud this is proud I lost my money okay this is I can throw
it away this is garbage you know maybe this
claiming to be the original one I try to make in the search let’s see okay dance
so the manufacture in the user manual there is no explanation an explanation
of how to work with this device so I’m trying to make to follow the same
instructions of the real one they have really good instructions so let’s see if
these instructions working on this device I’m going to stop stop every few
steps see the device calculate the direction okay taking me in circles that’s why the
real device in gold I guess device follow the instructions we are going to
make a ground balance the reset mode mode it’s called the tracking mode and
it’s for calibrating the device to the ground and also for the search method we
are going to choose gold good now here and we are going to see
the gold and we’re going to calibrate it like instructions until it stopped for moving okay we’re ready to make the search I’m going to this direction and I’m
going to stop every two step to make the device make a new calculation this
direction okay okay op op op op okay okay okay when the
device is turned around 180 degrees it seem to show up you know my target my
gold I’m going to make the search but first that’s cutting it up again from
another direction I came for the target from this direction now I’m going to the
opposite direction and I close the device shut it down open it again they say 40 centimeters above the ground
so we’re trying to make it this calibration we are going to set the
internals six antennas we’re going to switch it to mode number five as
described in the manual and we are going to choose gold searching method okay okay so to know their the depth you can
see that button for the depth measurement this is a very good feature
that there even the Chinese devices they don’t have this feature at all maybe I’m have to dig Oh okay Oh amazing amazing guys okay
it’s definitely the original AKS device this is work let’s go and lookout to
find what is going about. it’s absolutely gold you can see it shiny
it’s gold okay

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