Angel VS Crystal – Ice bath Arcade Challenge

– [Angel] Hey guys, we’re finally back with another Angel versus Crystal and today’s consequence
is the ice bath challenge. So whoever loses basically
has to take an ice bath. So the first game we’re
going to start off with is Snow Down, with this
game what you have to do is you have to fill this tube with as much of these styrofoam balls as possible. You have different levels down there, that’s 40, 50, 60, and then 100 and then at the very top it’s 500. I think it’s impossible to
get the 500 but who knows? Don’t forget you can
press the button every now and then and it does like
a snow down where basically the snow just goes crazy everywhere. I think it’s called blizzard
or something actually, the blizzard button. So right now she’s at the 40 ticket level, she’s up near the 50. So after this game we’re
only going to both play it once a piece because
it’s a very long game. How much time do you have? 15 seconds left! And you’re at 50 tickets. Come on, don’t get it,
come on, don’t get it. So I think the technique to
this game is to put it one side and just to hold it
there like she’s doing. Oh you’re going to make it to 60 I think! You have one second left! Did you make it? – Yeah, I don’t know. – [Angel] Yes, yes, yes, so
she made it to the 60 level, so I have to make at least to there or she’ll win this game. – [Crystal] Good luck Angel! – [Angel] I don’t need luck. – [Crystal] Yes you do
because this game is hard, like this has a ton of skill involved. – Look at this, I’m trying to concentrate. – [Crystal] Okay if you
say so, concentrate. Just don’t make it to 60 please. Oh man he’s already
getting to that 40 level, it’s not looking good for me. – [Angel] Come on! – [Crystal] I feel like
you got to that 40 level really fast, I really do. – [Angel] Come on, go faster. – [Crystal] Please go slower,
no balls need to go in there. Oh man look at that thing fill
up, it is filling up fast. Oh my goodness, 20 seconds left. – [Angel] I think this
side throws them harder. – [Crystal] Really? – [Angel] Yeah. – [Crystal] Oh man, maybe there is skill, you’ve got to pay attention. – [Angel] Yeah I think I learned
it, I learned how to play. – [Crystal] He’s already at the 50 mark. – Keep going, keep going, look it’s still going on this side! – [Crystal] Seven seconds, six,
five, four, three, two, one, he’s not going to make it,
he’s not going to make it, oh my gosh you didn’t make
it, you only got to 50! – [Angel] That means that’s
one game for Crystal. Next up, is Ice Age, so
with this game she gets five hits with this on acorns
and she’s trying to get as many tickets as she can. Oh you almost had it! If she gets in that small
spot right there, that’s 1000. So she’s going to try to
get as many as she can, we’re probably going
to play this one twice because it’s pretty fast. It will tell us at the
end how much you got so try to keep track and
you have like a timer. Oh you only got to four,
if you don’t hit them fast enough they’ll hit them for you by itself. You have two more little whacks. Don’t get it, don’t get
it, oh yes, that’s good. So, so far, you’ve gotten
all eights except for one, oh except for that’s another one. So let’s see what your
total score is this time. So her first round she got
32, alright, so go again, and she has to get more than
32, at least that’s the hope. This way I have to get a high score. So don’t beat 32 Crys because
I think I can beat that. If you get nothing but
eights it’ll be more than 32. Okay, that’s good, that’s
good, good for you not for me. You’re running out of time
you’re running out of time! Oh you got it, darn it,
I’m going to go for 1000’s. – [Crystal] That’s what
I want to go for but it’s hard with these little guys. – [Angel] Yeah, you’re
going to hit Sid or Manny. Oh that was a good one, that
was actually a very good one. – [Crystal] I tried to time that one. – [Angel] You have two more. I don’t think you’re
going to beat 32 though. – [Crystal] I don’t think so either. – [Angel] Because I think
you got a four didn’t you? That was an eight?
No way that was like a six. Alright you have one more, good luck. – [Crystal] Right here! – [Angel] Oh a little slow, a little slow, so her total score this time,
oh you actually did get 36! – [Crystal] Angel has to beat
36, hopefully he doesn’t. Angel be sure to
get some twos in there. Oh we’re is that going, oh that’s an eight. – [Angel] So if I can get
five eights I’ll beat you. That’s all I need is five eights. – [Crystal] You have an advantage here. Another eight, oh man, it’s
not looking good for me. Come on, get some fours,
get some twos in there. – [Angel] I want the thousand,
I want the thousand. – [Crystal] No thousand for you. – [Angel] Okay, one
more eight and I beat you. Here’s the eight, here’s the eight. So I should have 40 right, do I have 40? Yes, I want to play one
more time, one more time. – [Crystal] So he’s beat me at this game. – [Angel] So this is one game for me, so we’re tied right now. – [Crystal] One game for
me, one game for Angel. – [Angel] I just want to try to get 1000. I’m going to go with
this one, right there. – [Crystal] I’m kind of upset,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh Angel. I thought you had that. – [Angel] I thought I had it as well. That was totally it. – [Crystal] I don’t think
it wants you to win. – [Angel] What, that was it again! – [Crystal] I know, it
doesn’t want to go in there. – [Angel] Okay, that one wasn’t it. That’s another 40 point game for me. – [Crystal] Now it’s time for Black Out! We have to black out the sun
because it is so hot outside! It is summer time, but
holy moly it is so hot. – [Angel] So this
consequence for this video isn’t actually that bad,
kind of want to lose. – [Crystal] Not me! – [Angel] Let me lose please. – [Crystal] You think
ice bath challenge is all fun and games but it’s not
because once that ice hits you, oh that is not good, oh maybe it was, yeah it was okay actually. – [Angel] I have two
more so I can cover this. – [Crystal] Yeah, once the
ice hits you and you have to stay in there for awhile,
oh my God it’s so horrible. – [Angel] I’m at 90 percent, I’m
going to go for this one here. – [Crystal] Holy moly Angel, you did actually pretty awesome. 95 percent are you kidding me? – [Angel] I think I set
the bar pretty high. – [Crystal] You did definitely. – [Angel] I tried to
get the extra, yellow, yellow comes after green, I believe. – [Crystal] Yellow, does it? – [Angel] I think so. – [Crystal] Yeah, it comes
right after the green. Ah, extra 20 tickets! – [Angel] Now it’s Crystal’s turn, so when it actually said I
had 97 percent at the end. We didn’t get it on camera but
you have to believe me guys, it said 97 percent and Crystal agrees. – [Crystal] Yeah it did. – [Angel] So I’m not lying. – [Crystal] Alright, let’s see. – [Angel] Good luck! Oh my, Crystal you’re
doing really awesome. – [Crystal] No I’m not! – [Angel] For my team! She’s barely at 50 percent, that’s okay, you still have three total left over. Man, Crystal really gets into it. She squats down, oh
my, is it even possible for you to get 97? That’s good though, that was a good one. Not the greatest, so I think,
even if you get all of that I don’t think that would be 97 percent. Oh another one, oh how
much percent did you get? It doesn’t tell us right now
but I think it’s like 80. Did it say how much it was? Oh 79 percent! Alright, let’s see if you can
get 20 extra tickets at least. Blue is after purple alright? – [Crystal] I got it! – [Angel] You didn’t win this game but you got 20 extra tickets for us. Next up, is Let’s Bounce! We decided to play this game
because we’re like whoever gets in the ice water is going
to want to bounce right out. That totally makes sense right? So whoever gets the highest total score is going to win this game. So basically, I’m going to win this game. I don’t know, Crystal is
pretty good at it sometimes. She has 10 seconds, you have
10 seconds, don’t rush it, make it to the bonus round at least. You have four left, come
on, one more! Yes, alright, bonus round,
bonus round, bonus round! Where’s all your balls at?
Throw them all! Oh man I didn’t expect her to make it to the bonus round actually,
turn all the lights off, come on, come on! Oh didn’t count that one at the very end! Alright so you’re total score
is 4566, I’m going to beat that. – [Crystal] Now it’s Angel’s turn! Please do not beat my score,
I am begging, I am begging! Oh my God he’s really making
them blue, really, really fast. Way too rapidly that’s for sure. He has 15 seconds left, oh my goodness! I think he still has a lot of balls left. 10 seconds left, oh my goodness! He has two more to go, don’t
make it, don’t make it. He has one more, oh man, he made it! Oh my gosh, I don’t like that noise! That’s it, oh my gosh! I don’t think you beat me! – [Angel] I didn’t I only got 4364, you had 200 more points than me! – [Crystal] Yes, that’s
another game for me! – [Angel] So it all comes
down to this, one last game. This is the tie breaker, no she has TNT! – [Crystal] That’s good though! – [Angel] Yeah, it’s good, go for it. I don’t think it’s good
guys, it’s not good. Yes, she didn’t get any! Yes, yes, yes, she only has
two birds and she has to get, okay so if I can get the pigs
with one, I’ll win instantly because Crystal ain’t getting jackpot. Don’t get it, don’t get
it, okay you got one, you’ve got two, alright, she
can’t get those other two with one more bird, I hope she can’t. It all comes down to this
guys, whoever wins this game is going to not suffer
the ice bath, ah man. – [Crystal] I still
have a chance here guys. – [Angel] But if I can get
them all with two of the birds I will win, so Crystal got 28 tickets, I’m going to have to beat this. – [Crystal] Alright guys, let’s
see how well Angel can do! – [Angel] All I’ve got
to do is use two birds! – [Crystal] Please don’t, please don’t. Alright I’ve got one, yes, yes, yes. You guys, you see that there
is three piggies on there! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness,
hopefully he’ll get them one at a time, alright you guys. – [Angel] Yes, yes, yes! – [Crystal] Oh man! – I just did it, it doesn’t
even matter how many tickets I get, it doesn’t even matter, because I just won
three games out of five. So I’m not mad, I’m not the angry one, Crystal’s the angry one, she has to suffer the ice bath challenge. – [Crystal] Angel’s getting it all set up! I am dreading this, look at all this ice! No, and there’s actually more ice in here. – [Angel] I’m not sure
how much ice we need, so I made sure to get a lot
more than I think we need. The water is actually warm
right now, the cold setting is actually warm because it’s so hot here. – [Crystal] Whatever, he’s lying! – I promise, it’s actually warm right now. I could jump into this
and not worry about it. So I’ll get the water
up to like right here. – [Crystal] Yeah? – Then I’ll start dumping the ice in, I hope I have enough
ice, because like I said the water is super warm right now. – [Crystal] Whatever, I am dreading this. – You might be in luck
today Cris because it might melt the ice before you get in. Add the ice! – [Crystal] No, this is going to be awful. – [Angel] That’s only ten pounds Crys. – [Crystal] Oh wow. – [Angel] I have a lot more pounds to go. – [Crystal] So each bag is 10 pounds? – [Angel] Yeah each bag
is 10 pounds of ice. – [Crystal] So that’s going to
be like 100 pounds in there! – [Angel] Yup, I had
like 140 pounds of ice but I’m not sure how many we
will need, that’s another one. – [Crystal] I don’t think I can do it. – It sounds like icy cold goodness. – [Crystal] No. – This is the last bag. – [Crystal] Oh man. – Let me just stir this around, oh I’m not stirring that around. Oh that is freezing! It’s time for you to get in there. So here are the rules we came up with, we actually have this
little timer back here and I’m not sure if it’s like 20 seconds, 15 seconds, or 30 seconds. – I think it’s 30 seconds
once you get in there. – [Angel] It’s for like an eternity when you get in there Cris. – Oh I know. – [Angel] So what’s going to
happen is she’s going to get in there, up to her
neck, that is the neck, that is the goal to get
up to her neck in there and then she’s going to
flip that upside down and then once the timer runs
out she’s going to get out. At least that’s what we
thinks going to happen. I’m not sure if that’s
going to happen or not but let’s just fill it out. I don’t know if I’d even be
able to get in there Cris. – I don’t know, my hand. – [Angel] Don’t put your hand in there, you’re going to get your hand cold. – Oh my gosh, so do I really
just try to go in there? – [Angel] Yeah, whenever you’re ready, whenever you’re ready. – Okay, I’ll try. – [Angel] This is going to
be so bad, oh there’s no, this is going to be so
bad, I put my hand in there and I was freezing. – What if I, Ah! What if I pee my pants? – [Angel] Um if you pee
and the water turns yellow I will laugh at you. – Oh goodness. – [Angel] If you can’t get
up to your neck that’s fine because it doesn’t look like
you’re going to be able to. – Oh, ah, oh, ah. – [Angel] What are you doing? The ice is actually melting! You can’t see it guys but
the ice is actually melting down there. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Angel] Flip it, flip it, set it down! K you have to lean back,
you have to lean back, you’re cheating, there
you go, there you go. – It’s hurting so bad. – [Angel] Hold it, hold it,
you’re almost halfway there! You’re halfway there, hold it! She’s sinking more into
it, you’re not there yet, you’re not there yet, come
on Cris you can do this, you can do this! – It hurts so bad! – [Angel] Come on I’ve
got confidence, come on, no you almost have it, you
have like five seconds, four seconds. – Uh oh, uh oh. – [Angel] Did you pee in your pants? She peed in her pants! Three seconds, two seconds, okay get out, get out, get out, get out, get out. Get out of the water,
get out of the water. Don’t fall! – I’m freezing, oh my gosh! – [Angel] Are your legs,
are they trembling yet? Oh wait I think I see pee
dripping down your leg. – It’s not pee, I left the pee in there! – [Angel] It does look a lot
yellower if you look at it. – I’m freezing so bad. – [Angel] Okay this has to be the funniest Angel versus Crystal we’ve ever done. – Oh it’s burning my toes. – [Angel] Alright guys, I think
we’re going to end it there so Crystal can take a warm
shower and get warmed up! We hope you enjoyed this video, thanks for watching everyone! – Bye!


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