Ask POSGuys – How do I change the scanner’s beam width? (Symbol/Motorola/Zebra Brands Only)

Hi, this is Bethany from Today
we’re going to be answering a frequently asked question about adjusting the width of the
laser on your Zebra, Motorola, and Symbol barcode scanners. So the answer is yes, you
can adjust them, and we’ve created a document for you that’s going to be down below. I’m
going to demonstrate this on the LS3008. So by default it’s going to be at full width,
which is about 6 inches. You can also choose medium width, and you can see that’s about
four inches. And then small width for those smaller barcodes is going to be about 3 inches
wide. So narrowing the laser beam is going to be
useful if you’re scanning a group of barcodes that are small and you just want to scan one
at a time. So yeah, that’s how it works, and like I said, this can be used for most laser
scanners from Symbol, Motorola and Zebra. If you want to purchase these or have any
other questions, you can check out our website at, or give us a call at 800-903-6571.

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