Best USB-C Dongle For Video Editors & Photographers? | Letscom Hub Adapter For Macbook Pro

Dongles. If you’ve bought a MacBook Pro in the last year and a half there’s a good chance
that you’ve bought a dongle or are looking for one with Apple removing the
headphone jack on the iPhone and many having to go out and buy dongles just to
listen to their music. Apple doesn’t seem to be slowing down with removing a lot
of the port’s that we need on our macbook pro to be creative and basically
use it as a functional device boom this is why I recently ordered on Amazon
which is the let’s come USB hub the dongle has just arrived the dongle came
in simple packaging with a small pouch for safekeeping
and for traveling wind now I’ve used this dongle for the past week and it’s
fantastic I love it the only thing I regret is I didn’t buy sooner the dongle
has allowed me to go free Wireless with my laptop and enabled me to bring along
external hard drives and copy my photos and videos straight from my sd card to
my macbook to get my photos on my Mac was such a hassle I would have to take
the SD card out of my camera import them onto my pc upload and then send them by
a Google Drive or we transfer and then re download them onto my Mac depending
on the file size that can take a lot of time the dongle is sleek built from high
quality material and is very lightweight weighing in at roughly 24 grams not to
mention a space grey color that blends in perfectly with my laptop the dongle
hub comes with two USB c-type ports an SD card reader micro SD card reader and
two standard USB 3.0 ports that is quite a lot of stuff that you can do
considering it only takes up two of the ports on the map I had tried it and the
dongle can handle all of these at the same time
I feel like it might cause the Mac or the help to go into a meltdown so just
like that’s a lot for only two ports to handle a benefit of this though is that
if your upper ports are being used you can simultaneously transfer data as well
as charge your MacBook through using the smaller USB C port on the side for 39.99
it can seem a bit pricey but I would say to that is considering how nicely it
fits in on to the Mac it looks very natural very sleek it’s very portable
and the amount that it gives you with your SD card readers micro SD card
readers to USB C port and also two USB 3.0 ports there’s a lot that it packs in
and I personally feel that is so much better than the wire dongles they are
also out on the market so I would say this is probably the best one that you
can buy today. If you want to find out a little bit more about this dongle I will
have links to Amazon in the description below that will provide you with
everything you need to learn about it as well as purchase one. I’m trying to reach 500 subscribers on my channel and it would mean the world to me if you
subscribed and clicked that notification bell. Thank you for watching this video
and I hope to see you all in the next one!

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