BLK360 App Tutorial 1: Welcome

(narrator) Welcome to the BLK360 app. We show you the major steps
to set up your BLK360 system. Place your device to have a very good view
of the measured walls. The closer the wall surfaces are 90 degree
to the lines of measurements, the better accuracy you can achieve. Turn on the BLK360 hardware
by pressing the power button on it. After its indicator becomes green, search for and select the wifi network
starting with BLK on your iPad. Start the BLK360 app. Select the BLK hardware,
or if not shown, tap the search button,
and then when listed, you’ll be able to select it
by tapping on it. For any help using the app, or for accessing tutorials, please connect your iPad to the internet and then tap the “About Help” button. Simply enter your search criteria, and select the best answer
for your needs. Please note, when connected to
the BLK360 hardware’s wifi, you will not be able
to access the help system. Set your desired
measuring units in settings. By default, metric is selected. To create your first project, simply tap the “New Project” plus sign
at the bottom of the main screen.

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