BMW E46 SERVICE RESET in 30 SECONDS without any tools!

hello guys just a quick video showing
how to reset service indicator on the BMW e46 without any tools or scanner or
computer or whatever as you can see there is only 1500 miles to go to the
next oil service and I just change the oil so basically what what you need to do
is switch the car off press and hold the left button on the dash and turn the key
to position one keep pressing don’t release the button this is a fail because I turn the key to
position two so start over again press the button turn the key to position one
don’t lift the finger keep pressing then you’ll see this. When the reset light starts
to flashing just release the finger and press it again, that’s it! Now as you can
see there is 15,000 miles left to the next service which in this case is the
inspection thanks for watching if you found this video helpful please leave it
a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel cheers guys


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