Brother ADS-2600We Desktop Scanner Unboxing |

Hello everyone it’s Ben from Printerbase
and today we’ll be unboxing the ADS-2600We business scanner from Brother. This is the 2600We. Boxed, the whole thing
weighs under 6Kg, so it’s by no means a heavy device. The serial number can be found both on the
box and on the machine, so make a note ot it, as you will need this to register your
product. In the box we have all of the usual, user
and setup guides, warranty information and software for both Windows and Mac operating
systems. We also have a power cord, a USB cable and
various carrier sheets so you can get to work straight away. Taking the scanner out of the box, we can
get a feel for how big the machine is. It’s in no way a tiny compact scanner, but at the
same time it doesn’t take up nearly as much room on the table as a flatbed scanner. Set up is easy, just follow the start-up guide,
and you’ll be good to go. If however you do have any questions, just
click the I at the top of the screen, or give us a call. Our number is 0800 170 7234. You
can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can visit our website at I’m Ben and thanks for watching.

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