Hi guys! And welcome to one more video from the cool hobby! today with my Friend Amauri One more Adventure We will do detectorism in a historic place a very nice place I will show you look how cool is this place ! a Portuguese was the land ower of these areas here and he used slavery to divert the river bed creating a damm in order to prospect for GOLD more easily we gonna see remains of the damm´s brick, created by the slaves Coll right guys!? look there a piece of the slaves´ Dam so, if you are not subscribed yet pls do it now! Leva a LIKE and click the bell come with me in this Adventure ! a lot of history, unbelivable things !!! let´s go toguether ! let´s follow the river in the river´s trail this is the current river bed, it is not the original river bed! It flows now here guys these stones they were all put by slaves !! these black stones the slaves were formed not only by black people but also indians and they used the slam´s skin sheepskin to prospect for gold to sift the river bed rock and find GOLD look how interesting it is !! look here folks, a piece of the slave´s Dam at this river´s mining some kilometers of brick wall they brough these stones to deviate the river´s bed a lot of places have already collapsed, but there are some places still one cool thing would be to go there in this upper side near where they worked there should be very nice things up there to find, cool isn´t it? in the midle of the bushes here so let´s go It looks like a flower, but it isn´t mushrooms very interesting almost there… so let get the Equinox800 set the prospecting mode mining not so mineralized, so set level 1 mode-1 18 sensibility, not that high GOLD mode, ground balance is automatic so let´s see if we can find something here this is a piece of the old river bed we can find something old some itens from the slaves maype a gold nugget … not bad cool lets see small signal too many signals ! hard to find in places like lot of signals like this too many things here… let´s see if we are lucky a strong signal here, a lot of small ones over there a lot… 29 gold mode look very sensitive a lot of signals but here it is a high one lets dig let me pin point it put aside maybe here, maybe here, I´ll get the pin point look here ! OMG look here a coin look let me wash it look look it is a coin Pal we came here for the gold nugets and we found a coin look folks OMG look how cool how nice it is 20 .. and something can you see the date? no this is so cool 20 and something 20 REIS show let´s continue digging here how nice it is !!! lets find other ones! nice stones here different ones, right Amauri? I´ll keep this one let me see if it is out let me get the pin point I am not getting anyting else anymore! here Amauri bottle cap when the object is that big, it is not wortly to dig see a lot of places with the same signal the bigger the object, the chance to be trash is hiher look, a wire If there is a coin, there should be others sure let´s look to it after somewere here … here , look what is it didn´t bring my gloves… look is this… an iron piece? let me wash it almost dropping everything very interesting indeed looks like a knife sheath knife baionet let´s see if we can find the knife !!! lets search it lets try a last time to find the knife very cool that place Amauri here, it went out another one ? old can guys so we are closing here we gona leave to go to another river but this place is very cool this is a piece of a spoon very old I think it is a spoon it has broken knife´s sheath dagger maybe we have searched for it but didn´t find so I think just the sheath was left small botton there was a bullet… but were is it now… I think it has felt… and here the coolest show a small coin this coin is very cool Cant see the date but it should be around 1820 not every time that we find one like it a lot of trash bottle cap this is a lot of trash since it is a park wire.. but Great Amauri, let´s go there in the river of gold show cool folks ! enjoy the canal, leave the like and accompany me on adventures and till the next one keep with us on the adventures! 200 years ago they were here !!! panning after gold without rest for generations until precious metal disapeared time travel. metal detection is the closest to a time travel


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