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Lansweeper Custom OID SNMP Scanner

At Lansweeper we know how diverse an IT environment can be. Keeping track of that device-cocktail can be a hassle, to say the least. SNMP is just one of the many network protocols Lansweeper uses to discover the infinite variety of assets out there. Off the shelf we already scan a lot of information with

Bookeye 4 Scanner Training Video

This training video will show you the basics of using the Bookeye four, located in the Digital Initiatives Office. This large overhead book scanner has a book cradle and a foot pedal. It is designed to quickly scan bound books and oversized material as large as 2 feet by 3 feet. To begin using the

Scanner Pro App

I’m going to share with you an app called Scanner Pro. It is a really great app for saving and scanning a digital version of a paper document. We’re going to first tap on Scanner Pro, the icon which is blue and you’ll see a picture of a scanner and I already have quite a

Do lens adapters affect image quality?

Hey, guys, in today’s video I’m gonna be comparing eight lens adapters to find out if lens adapters have an effect on image quality. And which brands in particular are ones you might want to avoid. (rhythmic rock music) Last month I compared ten 50-millimeter vintage lenses that can be bought for under $100, US

We Are the Crystal Gems/Extended Intro – Steven Universe Karaoke

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