Connect Canon Rebel T6S WiFi Camera to Smartphone | TUTORIAL

Izzy here at Digital Goja Showrooms Well now I’m going to go over a frequently asked question about the Canon EOS Rebel T6S How do I connect to Wi-Fi with my T6S? Well the first thing you have to do is you have to go to your App Store and download the “Canon Camera Connect” app so notice how this is the actual app right here have it connected we’re going to go into our menu and we want to enable Wi-Fi and then go to Wi-Fi function and “Connect to Smartphone” connect and then you have to of course have Wi-Fi enabled on your device and you have to look for the one that says Canon which is a nickname that you have to give it so here I have one that says GOJA Canon and I’m now going to connect to that one when you have the little checkmark that means you’re connected now you can go back and connect to the camera I can go to remote live shooting and I can now control the camera so I can shoot or I can also go ahead and look at images on the camera and notice how I can view the images on there and I can save them or transfer them it gives me all my data so all that information is stored with the images that I have on the camera itself so there you have it they make it really simple to both transfer your images and to control your camera with the Canon Camera Connect Wi-Fi capability Well I hope I answered your question about the Rebel T6S but if I didn’t please place a question in the comment section below and we will get to its answer for you and come say hello at Digital Goja Showrooms


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