HEy friends ..!! welcome once again to your channel… DREAMSHOT We have budget for crop sensor And when we buy a crop sensor, whatever lens we use on them We would not get results equivalent to the actual field of view created by the lens..
Speaking about Canon In crop sensors, a 50mm results in an 80mm field of view.. We get a zoomed version of what actually needs to be there…..! and many of us feel that , it would be great to have a full frame lens because while shooting in events, because of this limitation we might have to move back to tale a shot So, we do miss a full frame while we click photos.. Despite being a crop sensor camera how can we make it click like a full frame, approximately we will talk about that..! Firstly, we will try to understand the difference between adaptors and boosters So, we will think about a hypothetical situation and for the understanding of the concepts, we will keep it very simple…we wont talk about the restriction, compatibility and complexity we will try to understand, in simple terms what is an adaptor or a booster Imagine I have a crop sensor DSLR and I have some lenses along with that…! one day I felt, I will shift from DSLR to mirrorless when I got a mirrorless body, the lenses were not compatible with the new body Why lenses for DSLR are not compatible with mirrorless bodies? In DSLR bodies, we have both sensor and mirror.. this means that, we have a mirror in front of the sensor which consumes space and we fit our lenses on that…. And lens will fit in a way that the rays will fall exactly on the sensor… So, basically DSLR lenses will be manufactured in a way that the converging of the rays will be created based on the gap created by the mirror… Now in mirrorless, obviously there will be no mirror… So, the gap decreases So, in order to compensate that space we need to create a gap.. So, we put adapters in between to fill the gap… Once we add an adapter the DSLR lens Now, the rays will be falling exactly on the sensor as the gap is compensated…. Now we know exactly how adaptors work, it just creates gap…. It just creates gap Let me tell you, I will not talk about compatibility, regular adaptors, intelligent adaptors pros and cons… etc What we really wanted to know is.. what exactly are these adaptors… Now , let us extend the scenario… or change a little…. Since I have some lenses that I use for DSLR body Lets assume … one of those lenses would be 50mm. I am a fan of 50mm But I wouldn’t like the fact that whenever I click with 50mm it would give the result of 80mm.. because of crop factor Canon APS-C sensor DSLRs have a crop factor of 1.6 So, when you multiply 50mm with 1.6 it becomes 80mm So, whatever had to be the actual field of view, we are getting a zoomed version of that I don’t like this I need a result like a full frame… I feel 80mm result out of a 50mm lens is a little too much of a crop So, what I will do is, instead of adaptor I will add a booster in between a crop sensor mirrorless body and 50mm dslr lens… When you click the photo the result will be close to whatever would have been the result on a full frame.. ow , you will think how can a crop sensor create images like a full frame… Lets see how it works… Lets imagine that our camera has 2 sensors a Full frame and a crop sensor APS-C sensor Imagine if you would have added an adaptor , the light would have fallen over the sensor…! Meaning, if the sensor is full frame we have a full field of view and on a crop sensor we have a crop of 1.6 But when we put a booster instead of adaptor it will converge all the rays and put it on a crop sensor adaptor does nothing buut increase the distance but boosters have specific glasses that converge the light So, whatever image that would have been over the full frame approximately , the same will be on the crop sensor as well… whats the difference between full frame and crop sensor. Full frame does not have a crop factor Now the results what we got is close to what we had in full frame Boosters are these magical equipments which removes the crop factors from the crop sensors Not just this, there are more advantages When booster is converging the rays and placing it on a crop sensor It means that, it is converging the amount of light that would have been on a larger sensor to a smaller sensor So now, the amount of light in crop sensor is more ….. So, now we have another advantage So, naturally when the light increases, we can keep lower ISO So, in a way we are improving the image quality…. Along with the 2 advantages there is another advantage, a bigger one… It decreases the value of aperture, see we have boosters will different values.. Imagine we have a booster value of 0.5 and the aperture value of the lens in 1.8 So, 0.6 *1.8 will result to Aperture 1, approximately… Now you will feel.. how did the aperture value decreased…. Let me let you all know in a different way… You must have heard about tele converters They are used in wild life, when convertors are fixed along with the lens.. We used to get an extra optical zoom and along with that it will result in an increase in aperture value The boosters just work the other way round Every lens has a certain zoom as per its focal length boosters just zoom out… If teleconverters zoom in and increase the aperture value…. The boosters zoom out and decrease the aperture value.. Our field of view has increased, light increased, aperture value decreased.. despite of having so many advantages… we wouldn’t see lot of photographers using these boosters So, when the boosters came into market it was mostly used by the people who make videos buy focusing manually because we had AF issues, there was a lot of vignetting… there were many more issues… but in todays date both boosters and adaptors have improved a lot… premium boosters , which obviously are very expensive..the autofocus issues have been negligible.. lot of premium boosters today do not show vignetting… Initially whatever adaptors and booster were manufactored it was for limited body and lenses.. Today in the market, we have a lot of premium adaptors and boosters which are made to be compatible on many bodies and lenses.. esp. for the mirrorless cameras… whatever , boosters or adaptors we have in the market they may not be perfect… but in 3-4 years many things have changed… In some days I am sure, boosters and adapters will be amazing things to have along with you crop sensor cameras… You would be having one question by now…. Is it good to go with a crop sensor along with a booster or if we should go with a full frame.. Let me tell you full frame camera is not only about a larger field of view… there are a lot of things that come along with that with a full frame, we are actually using a completely enhanced system of camera if your budget is good and you are good to buy a premium crop sensor…. instead of buying a premium booster better go for a full frame… but if you have a low budget camera and if you feel full frame cameras are very far for your budget, then you can buy a booster because only premium boosters are good and they are expensive So, before you buy a booster what lens you have, what camera you have , whats the compatibility…. after making sure by searching the details on google after watching all reviews only then you can go ahead and buy these boosters

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