Crystal River, Florida: Manatee Festival and Three Sisters Spring

– [Robert voiceover] In today’s video we go to the Manatee Festival
in Crystal River, Florida and of course, we see plenty of manatee at the Three Sisters
Spring among other things. ♪ I’m riding ♪ ♪ Riding riding ♪ ♪ Riding with my RV ♪ ♪ My RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV yeah ♪ – [Robert voiceover]
This video is sponsored by Custom Covers. – [Robert] Okay, we are at
Crystal Isles RV resort, and this is the joke of a
site they have given us here. I’m gonna start lying about by length because look at that, it’s
like a triangle of a site, and all we get is a little
sliver of lakefront view. It’s not paying any attention to me. [Robert Voiceover] Okay, let’s go to town. I think I made a wrong turn here. It turns out, this weekend
they are celebrating the Manatee Festival, so this whole area, you know, the Heritage Village, is kind of off limits tonight. I don’t think we’re supposed to be going through these streets right here. Okay, Plan B, I’ve heard of this place called the Crab Plant, and
they’re supposed to have excellent seafood. – [Robert] Crab Plant. – [Robert Voiceover] Mm yeah,
the crab chowder is excellent. – [Robert] Crab cakes – [Robert Voiceover] They are
great too, and so is the view right here by the water. Our grand total, and a
very serious pelican. It is so peaceful out here. (slow jazz music) Since it is a Friday
evening, I take advantage of the scenic surroundings
and make my weekly YouTube live video, 6:00 PM
eastern, like every Friday. Fly, pelican! (laughing) I love how they land too. – [Robert] Maybe he’ll
start flying any minute now. (jazz music) See them fly. (jazz music) Actually you know, what
I’m doing, I’m taking … I’m making a live broadcast on YouTube. – [Robert Voiceover] We go next door, across the marina rather to
the Cracker Bar, very lively. (live rock music) There’s the Crab Plant where we just ate. (rock music) Okay, let’s go, we’re tired. Maybe we’ll come back tomorrow. (rock music) (quiet suspenseful music) It is a huge RV park. Well, goodnight. – [Robert] Well, good morning
from our muddy campsite. Today, we’re going to the
festival, that Manatee Festival. – [Robert Voiceover] They
have these shuttle buses here that take you from the Crystal River mall to downtown, very convenient,
and it’s a very short ride. It’s cloudy, and a chilling morning here, for Florida anyways, but it’s
great for manatee viewing because when it’s cold
they come into the spring, which is at a steady 72 degrees year long. We however, get some black
coffee to warm up and wake up. Isn’t this the same stuff
they have at the RV show? – [Robert] You have an
antique vehicle here? (smooth guitar strumming) It’s a Victorian tiny house. – [Robert Voiceover]
There’s even a petting zoo. Yeah, all kinds of stuff
here at the festival, but what we really want to
do is go see the manatees. Not these ones, the real ones. There’s the Heritage Museum,
the former city hall I guess. This is by the way another free shuttle that takes us to the nearby
Three Sisters Springs where all the manatees come to
hang out in the cold weather. – [Woman] That water is amazing. – [Kid] They’re probably as heavy as one. – [Woman] It’s a spring,
so it’s 72 degrees. I know, I want to see the baby. (jazz music) – [Robert voiceover] It
is a beautiful spring. We walk around on this boardwalk, and there are some people
swimming with the manatees. It’s another tour, and
there are several companies that will offer that kind of tour to you. – [Robert] Okay, let’s go back. That’s where all the manatees come in through this canal I guess. Well, it’s getting crowded. (jazz music) There they are. – [Robert Voiceover] Check them out. It looks beautiful, and
it’s not even sunny. (jazz music) We keep walking on the boardwalk watching random manatees here and there. There is a family coming into the spring. By the way, they all come into the spring through this narrow canal right here. They are such unusual
creatures, aren’t they? Even though they look fat, we learned that they’re actually not,
they just have a very large rib cage, and that’s why
they are so sensitive to cold temperatures, you know. That’s why they come into
these springs every winter through this narrow canal. Check it out, it barely
fits between those pylons. Over there, they keep
swimming with the manatees. It would be cool to like
rent a canoe or a kayak, some other time perhaps. Look at them all right there like waiting to get into the spring. – [Robert] Okay, let’s go back. – [Robert Voiceover]
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your RV and camper covers. (people chatting) – [Robert] Bottles flattened. – [Robert Voiceover]
Okay, let’s get a drink and a bite to eat here at Norton’s. It is kind of early, so the
place is not too crowded yet. They have a beer called Mad Manatee, and we have the fish dip, you know, so we can eat something else later. Strange to see in Florida,
everybody all bundled up. It usually doesn’t get
this cold down here, and it is in the 40s today. (jazz music) Barbecue sauce. I thought we were in
Florida, but it’s 48 degrees. What’s up with that? We walk towards the
music, and I hear music. (rock music) Mm, so much seafood. (rock music) – I want a whole lot
of noise for this band. (crowd cheers) – [Robert Voiceover] And there’s the DJ. (country music) Hmm, Irish Pub. And we’re back by the Heritage Village at the area where we
wanted to go last night, and everything was closed down because they were setting
up for the festival. I love looking at antique cars, and now, there is a line to tour the tiny house. Let’s go into the Karma Cottage here, buy some incense maybe. There is a bunch of cool stuff in here. – I feel much better now. – [Robert Voiceover]
There is this other area with live music. (woman singing) It is called the acoustic stage, and I feel kind of sorry for
this talented young woman playing the guitar in the bitter cold. Well, not that bitter, but it is Florida we’re talking about. We get the gloves and the
scarves out of storage whenever it drops down
to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. ♪ And for one desperate moment there ♪ ♪ He crept back in a memory ♪ ♪ God it’s so painful ♪ – [Robert], don’t you think there
are plenty of manatee? – [Robert Voiceover] Well
yeah, they are actually listed as an endangered species. Let’s go into the Irish Pub. – [Robert] Perfectly served Guinness. – [Robert Voiceover] We continue. Oh gosh, (laughing). Look, matruscas. – [Robert] This is like a pier here. That’s where the festival is happening, and that’s right there
where I did my live video on Friday, yesterday. (jazz music) – [Robert Voiceover] And they
have another band playing now. We’re here at the main stage. (rock music) Let’s continue walking to warm up as it is still a cold day in Florida. – It’s a fountain, the fountain of youth. Cafe. – [Robert Voiceover]
Gotta have some coffee, and just as were are
about to back to the RV, the sun comes out. It’s a miracle. The shuttle takes us back to the car. We decide to end the night
at the highly recommended Vintage on Fifth, seems fancy. How about some bubbly? We get some fried green tomatoes, and of course, Prosecco. It looks like we’re
closing down the place. We are going to call it a
night because tomorrow … Tomorrow, we are going to see the mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs
among other things, but before that, let’s fly
the drone a little bit. (smooth electric rock music) Oh by the way, Weeki Wachee,
that’s gonna be the next video. If you have enjoyed traveling with us then make sure you are subscribed and check out my other videos. Also, share it with your friends, spread the word, and leave me a comment. Now, if you really really liked it, you have a chance to show your support at As always, thank you so much for watching and see you on the road.


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