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(upbeat music) – Hi, everyone! Welcome to my house! I would like to give you a grand tour. This is Bianca, our
fluffy monster. (roars) Are you ready to start
the house tour? (laughing) All right, come on in. (laughing) This is where we cook our
food and here is my dad. – Hi, I’m Crystal’s dad. I’m baking a pizza. – Pizza, pizza. Here is our memories. We collect magnets of where we went so, like, when we went to Poland, we’d get a magnet from there, Alaska, we get a magnet from there,
so, it’s like our collection. (upbeat dance music) Here’s the living room. (laughing) I’m fine. And this is where the dog
usually does his stuff. Sit! Shake paw. Roll over! There you go! And here’s my piano. Want to hear the song? (soft piano music) All right, enough piano for now. Let’s get on more. Come on. Come join me on this dangerous journey. The stairs! (suspenseful music) Welcome up the mountain of stairs to our upstairs rooms. With the wild Kristen! (babbling) Now we must enter the
valley of the playroom! (upbeat music) Here is the Disney castle I built. You know this box, down here? That was about 216 small
pieces I had to put together and the rest I did as well. These are American Girl dolls and they’re taking their naps right now because they had a giant
sleepover last night. She just got this doll
from her aunt, ta-dah! Isn’t she creepy? Brains, brains. (growling) Now they’re trying to
eat each other’s brains. And here… Is the giant picture of
me when I was little. I think I was three, I’m not sure. (squeaking) Now time to check out Kristen’s room. Run, run, run to your room! Run! (moderate rock music) Come on in, don’t be shy. Here’s her little canopy. Canopy. Help! Help! Okay, it’s stuck to my hair. – I’m tired of jumping on
the bed, Marina. (laughing) – Okay, I’ll jump for you! Come on into my room. (moderate rhythm and blues music) Here’s my desk. Here is Donald and Mickey
that my mom got me. They’re little emojis. This is my dog poster. I got it at the book fair. This is my get ready stuff. Lipsticks. Can you guess what my favorite color is? No. Black is the first, dark green is next, dark purple, blue, and then pink. And then yellow. Hey, at least the pink
didn’t get last place. And here is my little desk. Here’s the snow globe I got for Christmas. It’s a real life one. And here’s my bow and arrow. All the arrows is gone
now, but I still like it. (snapping) I’ll just try it this way. (gasping)
(laughing) But this is a special one. Time to see what’s inside. (snickering) My pair of high heels. Here they are. Check them out. Time to check out my parents’ room! (upbeat jazz music) This is where I tap dance
in my high heels. (tapping) Here is my camera that I only use when I’m, like, going on field trips, without a battery, though. I don’t know where the
charger is, see? (laughing) You ignore me immediately! I am your master! How dare you, camera! And here’s a picture of
them at their wedding day. Welcome to my mom’s bathroom. Here is my mom’s makeup. Hmm. Don’t tell her. Let’s get to my bathroom, shall we? Come, follow me. I’m reeling you in, closer and closer. Come on in, baby! Welcome to my bathroom! (upbeat dance music) A hidden secret, don’t tell my parents. Me and my sister do work
on to find out our potion. Shampoo, conditioner,
toothpaste, body wash and a couple other stuff. Don’t mess with me or
I’m gonna pour it on you! So, ready, and… Action! (screaming and giggling) Are you taking a shower
with your clothes on? – Now carry me out of my bathroom. – All right, I showed you my house. I showed you my room, Kristen’s room, my mom’s and dad’s room, the bathroom, the second bathroom, the
kitchen, the living room, the dog, it’s time to go. – [Woman] Don’t break the door. (giggling) – We’ll fix that later. Thanks for coming. Now get out! Bye! Oh, I know something I would like to show. My pictures of when I was a baby. Here is me in the stroller. That’s me in my old
house I used to live in, and here’s me after
taking a bath. (laughing) – [Marina] Would you say
you were a cute baby? – [Crystal] Yeah.

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