Digger Spotlight with Special Guests Tony and Caden from YouTube’s 5280 Adventures

hey everybody DK here with adventures in
dirt welcome to digger spotlight glad to see I’m sure I’ve seen you guys showing
up in chat sorry for the technical difficulties boy we had a hard time
getting this thing stream and it was really odd but hey want to say welcome
welcome welcome to everyone there in the chat I’ve got a great show prepared for
you guys today thank you to everyone that came along to the last digger
spotlight the very first one we had with my cat ma Lyman 24 that was a great show
great talk some great questions coming in from you all and I just want to do a
little housecleaning here if you notice at the bottom I’ve got a stream of a
words going across the screen it tells you that if you have a question make
sure you type the @ signal and then adventures in dirt and you’ll see my
name pop up just click on it then type your question what that does is that
helps me highlight it in the chat in the SIA chat it helps highlight the question
and I can always go back quickly and find it because I want to make sure I
get to your questions I have some prepared but this is really about you
and our guests our guest today is no stranger to me actually he’s one of my
digging partners Tony at 5280 adventures him and I have been friends and digging
partners for quite a while what I want to do is go over there and see if he’s
around hey Tony hey there’s Tony how you doing Tony
oh I pressed the wrong button sorry oh did you mean to be here everyone Tony
Tony from 5280 adventures guys you know if you’re not familiar with him he’s got
a great YouTube channel on YouTube he does a lot of metal detecting he does a
lot of he does some fishing videos he does some coin roll hunting he’s into
all kinds of things that interest us in our community and boy I sure appreciate
you being here Tony on the show today I appreciate you coming and being one of
my guest thanks for having me out here I appreciate it I heard you got somebody
with you today I do right over right over here this guy wow it’s Caden can
hey awesome so many of you probably have seen many videos Caden shows up the
garbage man the garbage man in house I’m telling you I you guys’s
competitions are second to none I’m telling you you and you guys get
together and you always make a little wager when you go out it sure is a lot
of fun I’m sure everyone in chat can some agree with me hey let’s look at
chat let’s see who all’s here and chat you guys help me shout out some people
here yeah we’re not con tard I know the first
person in the chat looks like copper had metal detecting always beats everybody
in what’s up Copperhead he was out doing some magnet fishing earlier yeah I saw
that on Facebook earlier I see Norman relics that’s Paul welcome in pause I’m
welcome Nora who’s this Nora person a friend of mine oh okay
she was really active in the last giveaway had at 500 subs
she was really active in that so I want to say a special load of Nora Thank You
Nora yeah you all sit in your mg is in here Tony look at mg you made it that’s
awesome Kevin over 2 MD East MD in East Texas
with Kevin awesome house we need to make sure to tell Cody this is a PG stream
this time let’s get that out of the way right away yeah I don’t know if we can
control that we’ll have to wait and see who’s your hillbilly in the house how
you doing who’s your hillbilly that’s risers treasurer yeah hey Canucks here
Liz how you doing zero discrimination gypsy Egypt in the chat room everybody
everyone say hi to gypsy and sandy risers here look garnet Carmichael
garnet Carmichael just started this channel and started doing some videos
he may have has channel for a while but he just started doing some videos
everyone head on over to his channel make sure you support him give him a big
good luck and check out his channel that’d be totally about metal detecting
East Texas with Kevin oh my gosh ringmaster
great well wells of history hello hello welcome to the the live stream and I’m
glad to see you sub my channel I hope you enjoy it while you’re here also
over to our guests on our host channel 5280 adventures he’ll put he’ll put
you’ll see him typing here a little bit later in the chat and also the garbage
man here Kayden’s adventures if you guys want to go check out his channel he’s
got an awesome youtube channel also as he’s branching out on his own and doing
some interesting stuff so hey it’s been a yeah what are you into tell us what
you’re into metal detecting gaming challenges yeah some competitions huh lots of competitions how many people
have seen the competitions between these two so they’ll go out and they’ll do
some metal detecting and they’ll make a little friendly wager and I’m telling
you sometimes it gets pretty interesting sometimes Tony wins sometimes Katie wins
but where’s the score at guys where are we at where are we at right now in the
total score who’s up I know I’m winning I don’t think we’ve really kept track of
it but well here it’s actually pretty close I think won’t you let me show you
one time when Tony was on the losing end of this yeah you guys might not be able
to see in there I’m gonna show you a little clip of Tony getting the worst
end of it here let’s watch this pie in the face check this out alright the
beards gonna get wider too excited we got to get this going right
Tony’s like moving his camera so that everyone can see a nice big cream make
some room here so the final score was 18 to 7 no no Tony doesn’t lose too often
but this time that’s 5 weeks all right approach to chop this down a
little more Tony’s got a lot of preparation as you can see he’s got to
get prepared he’s buckling down this yeah I want to make sure that dingo
everywhere no it just Nora said I’m Nora says it’s gotta be a me part time
detectors in there how you doing how you good to see you Ben the giant Garrett
detectors boy thank you guys for coming along
we were watching a little competition ending here tony is about to pay up as
he lost to Kaden let’s watch this epic team Kaden come on guys
I know that took a while I was trying to team alright hit him with it here we go Tony it was actually pretty good that
one oh man yeah did you just enjoy it enjoy the rest of the evening just
pulling it off yourself I did it I’ve never been hit in the face with
with the pie like that so that was the first time Oh Tony how long have you been in the metal
detecting oh I would probably put it at about three years it hasn’t been that
long actually things about three years three years and what made you get into
it like was there a specific event that happened or somebody so I’ve really
wanted to do it for a long quite a long time and I just never pulled the pull
the trigger I’m buying a detector so one day I just been watching all kinds of
videos and and it just you know I’m sure like most of us you know we on a day off
or late at night or something we’re watching videos on YouTube and the next
day we’re just so psyched about going out and finding something well I just
cited that said I’m gonna go buy a metal detector so I went on eBay and found ace
250 for about a hundred and ten dollars or something I didn’t want to invest you
know 500 to a thousand dollars if I was not going to enjoy it or something so
bought that and it arrived and the rest is history
yeah and how about you how about you Kaden when did you start getting into
metal into men’s acting and about like ten to eleven years old I was just like
at the time I didn’t really care for it like I’d well I love going out there
whenever heard that beep I’m like oh my god
addicted to the beep it’s like trash I’m like dang it so that’s where I got my
nickname of the garbage man right just like it was crazy because
first day Tony says hey do you want to go dirtfish sure he’s like okay well
you’re gonna need this hands me a ping point I’m like what is this so we go out
and he’s metal psyching with his doctor and whatever you find something I
pinpoint it for him and yeah yeah that’s how we got started then he bought his
own and he gave me his old one which is actually my room right now and I I just
like I love it I want to punch like I’m planted hunts organized ones yes but no
I’m frantic yeah planted I’ve gotten so much out of all of it we we love we love
it when you go out with Tony we absolutely love it see you guys out
hunting together that’s a lot of fun hey Tony what what type of type of
hunting do you like the best I mean you know are you more of a coin shooter a
jewelry hound are you kind of a relic hunter what would you classify yourself
as well when I started it was all just coins I started out at the at a school
you know going to the schools you’re trying to find coins and really just
learn the Machine and I think you know once once you get into it you know and
you find you know I think my first J I found like a hundred dollars worth of
clad and I put that back you know buying it than a pin pointer and things like
that so I don’t know I think now it’s kind of evolved more into relics I mean
I want to find old coins not just clad coins but I’m kind of like
right now I’m kind of in the relic mode which is difficult because we don’t have
a lot of old stuff around here in Colorado yeah well that makes a little
bit difficult but I don’t know I I just want to get out and find stuff I I know
that you know it really depends on the time that I have as well I mean if I’ve
got I got a full day then let’s do some traveling and get
small places if I only have an hour you know or an hour and a half and Keynes at
wrestling practice or I have to pick them up or whatever you know I’ll hit a
soccer field and I’m looking for jewelry so it’s it’s kind of just outside just
get out and dig that’s it that’s it and that’s awesome hey detecting rods and
reels wants to know what’s the oldest coin you found detecting first Tony and
then we’ll go to Caden my oldest coin is 1897 Indian Head Penny that’s almost one
that I found wild it’s detecting that’s awesome for around here that’s Cain how
about you what’s your oldest naturally found coin probably like planted or non
planted non non planted like in the why I’m looking right here sorry I got the
coins right here look it that’s the one on your little flip there buddy yeah
yeah that’s your oldest coin all this coin I’m so sorry
so it’s it’s the wheat penny yes we penny right here oh my gosh I’m wide
right here so 1952 wheat penny 1952 D that’s pretty cool yeah it was a really
nice uh he was a little excited yeah how many how many years older than to him is
that I mean that’s quite quite a bit older so it’s a great fine you know what
I mean really old really old coin yeah he was a little excited to find that one
I mean we’ve we found definitely some older ones coin roll hunting you know
the you know the rolls of pennies but out metal detecting itself that says
oldest yeah that was awesome coin Tony I see you got some detectors behind you
what kind of detectors are those um I I generally run the ACE artha I’m sorry
the 80 Pro absolutely have fun in love with that thing and then just this past
July I believe um I won the 80 gold okay I’ve taken that out a couple times and
I’m I love Garrett I love Garrett products have a we’ve got
to Garrett carrots and just the regular pinpointer from Garrett
and pouches and hats and everything you can imagine through Garrett so was that
flag behind you represent I know that somebody in chat Madison May and I think
asked him yeah Madison name was asking about that so that that has to do with
law enforcement or police officers and things like that they call it the thin
blue line and it’s just in support of officers that have been killed in the
line of duty yeah and if life you fly that I’ve got one of my wall here I have
one out outside the house and I have one hanging up in my work I really really
support law enforcement that’s awesome yeah appreciate that and military I mean
I just love first you know you know and I’ll be ask you some questions now you
know I know a little bit about you but there might be some people watching it I
mean God forbid that somebody doesn’t know who you are by now I mean come on
but no I’ll be asking you some questions that don’t you have another flag flying
out front of your houses Nerra I thought I saw a red one there is a red one with
the big Oh Oh what is that stand for like that Halford hot sure Oh H Oh H I
had to give you a bad time about that you know I was telling you the other day
where I grew up there was a lot of college ball so I just didn’t get into
the whole college football thing you know and seeing people that are really
excited about it’s always a lot of fun for sure absolutely
hey let’s think about your your oh my god moments have you have you had me oh
my god what do you think is your oh my god moment that you’ve had so far metal
detecting me yeah go for the kid sorry probably my
first pocket knife I’ve I found oh cool like I found other pocket knives before
or like really cheap wooden or plastic plastic knives but this one the Boy
Scout pocket knife oh look you got it right there that’s awesome yeah it’s a
Boy Scout pocket knife I found and the minute I like I I actually chipped it
yeah because I was digging okay and I had something online it’s like I pulling
it out of mine is this for a second I thought it was just like just piping
like it was just stupid trash because I’m garbage man so why not this didn’t
know what it was until I cleaned it off which took me about like five minutes
where was it where’d you find out where we uh uh
this Boy Scout camp I we did a video with ejection connection sweet
yeah there were in Ohio digging with detection connection and I found this
thing and this right here just like that made his whole trip the whole time you
have you know hopefully you find one thing during during each hunt that just
you know absolutely drives you crazy and that was the one and in fact he that
that made his entire trip we were in Ohio for ten days and that’s that was it
nothing else would have matched you know him finding that it was it’s a big deal
it’s actually a pretty old knife it’s it’s pretty rusted I don’t think we’ll
be able to get it cleaned up but it’s been in the ground a while it’s it’s an
older boy scout and I got a super awesome man that is such a great thing
yeah I level finds like that I bet you or just a static how about you Tony and
oh my god moment I mean I know it’s tons of him probably but there’s one stick
out in your mind the only thing that I I mean the first thing that comes to my
mind is and in fact you probably know this pretty well and you weren’t with me
this time but you you hit it the second time
I was up in the north in Fort Collins and I got this permission at a at a
building at an old house and right underneath the tree in the front yard
it was just underneath the pine needles and it was an 1897 Indian Head Penny so
as my my first 1800s coin my first eight my first Indian Head Penny I mean that
just it that was that was it that was just really incredible for me I mean
you’re never gonna have another first in terms of that so yeah and then I think
we you and I went back over there for either the next morning and then on the
other side of the yard I found a 1899 Indian Head Penny yeah so that was was a
good lot for me it was you know we took a look at that house and I thought yeah
it’s old house yeah it’s got a lot of history but you know it’s been kept up
and stuff and got people have had to hit this a hundred times by now and for you
to go out there and find those two HP’s it was just amazing to me it was just
cool yeah where’d you bury where’d you grow up Tony
Oh Cathy Bob was talking about that yeah Ohio absolutely I Oh grew up in
Northeastern Ohio lived there for fifteen years and I’ve been in Colorado
technically ever since I spent about six months in Northern Virginia yeah but
back to Colorado so yeah oh hey yeah Colorado is a great place great place to
live it’s got a lot of you know activities you you were in a lot of them
I mean what other hobbies do you have besides metal detecting well Kate and I
love to go ice fishing it’s kind of I mean if you had a one a and a one beam I
mean metal detecting would be one of them and an ice fish of really the
second one I mean we try to get out in the wintertime as much as we can and and
we’ll leave it three four o’clock in the morning and and get out on the ice nice
and early and I tell you a Kaden he can he can run the ice auger drill those
holes and he’s got you know what honestly he generally has a couple fish
on the ice before I can even get my stuff set up so we love getting out
there and doing that kind of stuff just fishing hiking camping just
exploring just you know anything else outdoors I mean like you said Colorado’s
are incredible so we’re so lucky to have an incredible place and Kate and I are
really trying to branch out and just encompass everything yeah I’ve seen a
lot of your guys videos I’m telling you they’re pretty excited hey I want to say
goodnight to Ben look like Ben was taken off thank you for coming Ben it’s but
you guys see some other people show up here that maybe we didn’t say hello to
digging for life how you doing thanks for showing it to
the live stream a little John metal detecting ICB three relic recovery oh
yeah III what’s up and little John thanks for calling in from across the
pond good to see you buddy thanks for all the support yeah you know you’re
really out there on Twitter and stuff showing a lot of support always
commenting on the video so we really appreciate that she says then sledding
in the parking lots yeah we did have a video where we went sledding after a
huge storm and ended up sliding right into the parking lot that was a good
time yeah and also railing yeah well hey look I wanted to let everyone in chat
know we have 4140 now it looks like Ben left just a minute too early I’m gonna
go ahead and run one of our first giveaways and when I say first I mean
we’ve got others coming up but we’re gonna run a giveaway I’m gonna go ahead
and give away a week the dirt t-shirt and I didn’t pull the image but I think
you all have seen it before I’m gonna go ahead and give away a weekly dirt
t-shirt Tony did you get my text I sent you a text
yes thirty minutes ago okay excellent so you got that text so Tony oh I already
predetermined a number we’re gonna be looking for don’t go yet no one go yet
but we’re gonna have you type 1 to 100 in just a second when I say go and we’re
gonna be looking for that number and whoever the first one gets to that
number we just feel that’s the easiest way so if you’re already in chat let’s
go 1 to 100 and just go typing away and we’ll be looking for it first one first
one to get a 1 to 100 here we go so adventures in dirt Wow
while we’re waiting um I saw this comment Nora said
and it was a veteran dirt what is your favorite video you’ve ever made I think
she’s asking me to ask you guys so I’m not I’m having trouble watching chat
right now yep here come the numbers guys there it is got it
everyone stop I didn’t see it that was quick
Tony you go ahead and call it out cuz I didn’t see it I’ve got at 626 Madison
Maine with number 66 66 was the number I pre-chosen so Madison Maine
congratulations you’ve won a weekly dirt t-shirt you know send me an email @ DK
at adventures in dirt or get a hold of me any of the other ways you’re always
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and I’ll get that off to you now I don’t pre make t-shirts I get them I
get them made custom from the manufacturer as I need them so you know
as soon as you tell me I’ll go ahead and send that over to the manufacturer and
they’ll put it together and get it right out to you congratulations Madison Maine
awesome that was quick giveaway so don’t nobody go nowhere yeah that’s awesome believe we’ve got stuff to give away
here guys I was I was on the wrong screen which is why I couldn’t see us so
I’m trying to correct that you see any other questions on there Tony
well Kayden just called it out from Nora well first of all how long you been
doing YouTube probably I’d like to say a year I haven’t gotten a lot out so it
looks like I’ve been doing it for like a month
well I’ve been doing it for about a year uh the reason I got into it one of the
reasons I got into you think was because I I’ve been wanting to be a youtuber for
like I like say three years I’ve been wanting to be a youtuber and it just
never happened and I have made I have tried to make so many YouTube channels I
am like you can ask my sister I’m up at midnight making fake videos just trying
to get that I want to YouTube and then I finally like okay I want to make a
YouTube channel it’s happening it’s going to happen and now look I mean say
just persistence you just keep at it and that goes for anything you want to do in
life yeah I want it just go get it Tony how about you how long on YouTube I
think I’ve only been on about two years I think you and I started about the same
time I think we’re coming up on two years right yeah yeah about that we
started just about the same time and yeah yeah Tony and I met each other on a
forums forums Channel we just kind of hooked up we’re both here in Colorado
and we both were doing YouTube also started about the same time so we’ve
been kind of like pushing each other to you know improve on our YouTube videos
and improve on our hunting techniques and and skill hey risers wants to know
that if you found any camp any mining camp tokens or anything like that no
miners camp tokens I know that we’ve found things that have been related you
know in mining towns but nothing specific that mean that that would be a
relic that I would love to find something in that you know a miner that
was those very very special to the miner very essential to their job I would love
to find a miner’s tag to be honest with you I mean we found the lantern
you know Lantern tops and and things like that up and when we’ve been up
hunting some mining towns so not necessarily anything specific to being a
miner but you know there are some relics up there yeah we were up in a mining
town and I’m gonna go ahead and show it a little quick video right here
I’ll go ahead and start this thing we were up in a mining town if you guys
watch this video and Tony was this great signal and went over and he pulled up
this button so here we were in a mining town mining town went back to 1889 1870s
something like that and he pulls up this World War 1 General Sir start button
yeah just amazing it’s shown the back of it
now Tony’s got the shank on there but in the front of it’s just beautiful
beautiful condition so that was you know not mining-related surprise yeah you
know a lot of the miners a lot of the people and they came out of the Civil
War they’d come up to the mining towns and they would go to work in some of the
silver mines trying to strike it rich or the gold mines trying to earn a living
and so a lot of them brought their Civil War relics with them and if you can find
these old housing sites that are up in the silver town silver tones you can
find things like that and Tony just did just that I mean it wasn’t what’s over
war but it was World War one it was still an awesome find
it’s in my display case one of my one of my prod buttons for sure somebody asked
let me go back and find out who was wanted to know if Paul over American
would ruin relics he’s asked us a question a couple times starting to get
to earlier Paul Tony what’s the oddest thing you found and then I’ll ask Aidan
the same thing Oh God oddest the weirdest thing I never know
how to answer that question I couldn’t even think of something off hand that’s
been odd per say the only thing that I can think of really is just this past
July when I was in Ohio is hunting at my grandparents house in the front yard I
found the top to a like a majorette trophy you know the the the it was
actually it’s a it’s a female and and they tool the batons for the marching
band and things like that it was a majorette trophy but the top was broken
off and that’s the only thing that I can think of that’s odd
per say I don’t know how I got there or anything like that but how about you
Caden odd when you think of odd I found a white like a knight I don’t know but
it was a really old like light bulb I don’t it was for a light bulb and I
actually found it with you at a farm yeah and it was like what is this and I
I even Pony didn’t know what it was you didn’t know what it was I didn’t know
what it was and then I do some reach on research on it and said it was a lamp
I’m like look like it sometimes you find those pieces crazy sometimes you find
those pieces right it’s just crazy you know I’ve got a I’ve got a slide show
running Tony if some of your finds and some of the images that I pulled off
your Facebook page and yeah it’s some of the finds it’s just amazing he’s shown a
ring right now is just awesome a little a purple ring you found was just really
cool yes but nothing’s nothing quite compares of that huge silver ring you
found that was that was awesome I I mean literally another one of those times you
said you know what kind of different kinds of hunting Cade was at wrestling
practice and I went to the park that’s right behind by the school yeah and I
was heading out it was just getting dark and right on this landscaped retaining
wall had a unbelievable high tone come through very very strong and dug down
just underneath the grass line and this huge silver ring right there matter of
fact I’ve got a video clip of that I’m going to show you finding that ring
right now and while I’ll do that everyone else in the chat right type
down in the chat what is your oddest fine that’s a great question why doesn’t
everyone just put what your oddest find is in chat while we watch this video of
Tony finding this hunker of a ring here we go
I got a low 90s Wow look at that hopefully that focuses
I got a silver ring and it’s a good one that’s a big ring as soon as I got home
not the wife i snaked that pretty quick head I got it all cleaned up for made it
beautiful and it’s it’s a heavy piece of silver I tell you yeah wow that was
amazing I was a great clip huge she take all the Rings that you guys find of
course mine I’m keep in mind hey hey yeah yeah Caden’s got his first ring
that he’s ever found hey well let’s watch that check this out he’s got his
first ring awesome I tell you I was so excited when he I think I don’t know who
was more excited let me see that ring Jaden you got it with you holding up
your hold up to your your camera let’s see that ring awesome man look at that
thing great job Kaden that is cool I literally just went he was so amazed
again well you know that your firsts you know there’s certain first that you
have and it’s amazing absolutely awesome absolutely I said earlier I showed a
little bit of clip of you know we talked earlier and for those of you that are
just coming in dig ologists hello detection connection Don’s in the house
Washington PA diggers pothole Pete Floyd thank you from Ohio thinking coming in
awesome great readings from Ohio Jersey history hunters hey good to see you guys
great I just featured you guys just recently
on the weekly dirt great job you guys are just tearing it up out there good to
see everyone in chat but hey earlier we were talking about your two competitions
in early I showed a video clip of Tony getting
the worse of it well I think it’s time we show Kaden getting the worst of it
it’s your turn little competition we had or that you two had and the winner had
to eat a grasshopper remember that Caden I know good because
I pulled a clip of it let’s let’s watch it let’s watch Caden eating a
grasshopper here we go so this is playing it took him a while but but once
he decided then it was down quick I have I have to give him some props for this
one the first you can drink it down okay it’s just to be crunchy what why you’re holding that grasshopper
right now what’s going through your head with my head oh there goes you just
popped it in your mouth oh oh you chew it what a trouper look of shock surprise
let me see when you’re done my eyes it’s too bad it was crunchy great great clip
guys great clip hey wait a man up and waited way to pay your debt there yeah
crazy crazy so hey uh Tony if you uh yeah you metal detect you do any other
kind of treasure huntin I we just started doing some gold prospecting out
here in Colorado so got all the pans and buckets and shovels and all that kind of
good stuff and Kate and I have been out there and do you like no good he liked
it in the beginning and then realized how much of a back-breaking work it is
it’s not easy no you know I think a lot of people don’t realize that about
anything it’s just going out with a little pan and putting some dirt in it
and finding some gold but it really is back-breaking shoveling rock underwater
everybody says that oh please just go do it yeah let’s see how much gold you get
it’s a good time to be out there with the water for sure yeah so do you belong
to any treasure hunting clubs Tony yep yeah yeah i-i’ve been part of Eureka
treasure hunting club up in Lakewood Colorado for gosh it’s probably been two
two and a half years already and we meet once a month we have a great time
there’s lots and lots of great detectorists there Kayden’s been to some
meetings and learned about history we get to take our fines fine to the month
over there and and you know vote on on who found the best thing for the month
and share stories and make contacts with people and then we end up getting
together and go hunt together it’s just an incredible club
we’re very very lucky consider we don’t have a ton of history here like the new
back east our club is is just it’s a one quality and I would really highly
recommend that to anybody out there if you have a club nearby you know we all
kind of know you or if not if you’re fairly new you learn this is a pretty
good community it’s got a lot of good people in it and yeah when you go to a
club meeting you just you find those like-minded people and yeah I agree with
you I’ve had a ton of fun since you invited me come down and become part of
that and I am sure glad I did it’s been a lot of fun yeah yeah and it looks like
bigamous 7 just came up and said Oh Jeff lubricant tree Jeff is he’s our
vice-president of the club and he does a Monday night radio show on Spreaker as
well as bigamous 7 does his on Thursdays yeah I’m kind of looking to see if
anybody snuck in on me here I do see some new CK’s on earth showed up hey
good to see you but let me see if he signals showed up I haven’t said hello
to you if he signals howdy diggin was seven showed up what’s going
on seven good to see you thank you for showing up and taking a peek I know
you’re a busy guy so I appreciate you being here date you so much dipper dudes
hey haven’t found checked out that channel yet so I need to go over there
check that out or maybe have have I been over there dipper dudes hmm yeah I think
I have I did I did throw you a sub so awesome what else is going on here um
let’s do let’s do a giveaway okay you guys won your giveaway yeah yeah sounds
good sounds good sounds good let me get prepared for that real quick
everyone in chat ready for a giveaway who’s gonna do a giveaway I just did one
I just did one for a weekly dirt shirt anybody else can do a giveaway who’s
gonna do it I’ll take this one Tony you got one I’ll take this one all
right what do you want to give away we’ve got two more so let’s let’s get
going on it I have some silver Oh check that out
I’ve got a Washington and a Merck dime Mercury dime let’s give those let’s give
those away okay no no it’s gonna be what do you want to do numbers again yeah we
can do numbers again numbers again one to 100 and you can guess as many times
as you want first one to get a right it’s predetermined number we’ve already
determined it beforehand don’t go yet I don’t have your text number so I can’t
text you oh yeah Tony and I’ll watch for it I got it so we’re ready to go I’m
ready I’m gonna watch alright 1 to 100 go go go who’s gonna win the silver Jason quarter hoarder is in the house
pa coin hounds come out swinging come on everybody 1 to 100 let’s go just start
typing numbers 1 to 100 keep going though buddy’s got it yet I’ve only got
five numbers that we’re moving I don’t see yet Oh got it
all right everyone stop everyone stop stop stop yeah did you see it people are
thinking alike yeah I see the first one okay yeah there’s a couple of them want
to make sure yep I’m gonna call DK you got North Jersey I’m sorry I had one
before that Jersey hunter sorry Jersey history hunters yeah if I had both of
them Jersey both both guests a lot also but I think Jersey history hunters beat
you out there but yep yep history hunter or detector wait a minute Jersey history
on all right messing me up here sorry Jersey history hunters there you go okay
was it seven so I was loving that’s Audrey and Rachel over there yeah great
job great job silver coming your way so yeah email me at D K at adventures in
dirt Rachel or Audra and send me an email let me know how to get stuff to
you and I will pass it along to Tony and he will get that out to you
that’d be awesome great giveaway Tony cool you’ll enjoy it those are good
coins yeah hey Tony let me ask you something if you could choose one person
to dig with out there who would you dig with Caden that question has come to you
next you think you’re on deck I dig with one
why does it have to be one well it doesn’t have to be but who’s who’s in
your top three let’s heard I just give me so I mean honestly that my first the
first channel that I came across was stealth figures and I really took to
them just their personnel please they don’t find it you know incredible
earth-shattering coins and and and things that you know are it’s just I
don’t know that they’re grouped together they they are just incredible I I think
I could fit in in stealth singer nation perfectly to be honest but I mean I I
love digging with anybody I’ve done a lot of times that we’ve gone together
dug with dk I go out with detection connection then I was gypsy before you
know I got some other things coming up here and trying to get out and visit
with as many people as possible so I love digging with everybody it’s just
great to meet up with everybody that has such passion about the Hobby so it’s a
good time just a date with everybody yeah I need to get up to that’s that’s
one we need to get up to Canada oh and that’d be great yeah there’s a few
people up there would just be great just I know been on I mean I know that would
be the toughest question I’m not gonna answer cuz that’s a tough question for
me it is a loaded question it’s a yeah you know but you know what’s great is
that all these questions I’m asking you are also great questions for the chat so
hey guys pop in there just kind of type in who you might want to who you might
want to swing with you know it doesn’t have to be your favorite just who you
would be a great great chance for you to swing earth it’d be great for you guys
to share that information amongst everyone in the chat that’d be awesome
Caden what do you think okay so when did these competitions start between you two
gosh you know I I we kind of just started them when we were digging when
Kate was just learning how to use the detector we would go out to the schools
and it was just to keep you know like a running score total of who wins this one
who you know who finds the oldest coin who finds the most coins who finds the
the first two coins just something like that just uh I actually kind of just
came up with to try to motivate them to get them out there and and searching for
targets just to try and and grab the interest if you’re not finding stuff you
know you’re generally gonna get bored pretty quickly so I think it kind of
evolved out of that and then it it you know was like okay so you know the
scores tied two to two and we kind of had to start one-upping each other
with with the competitions okay you know this next time then and you have to I
think there was one where if I win or who the winner had to serve the other
one ice cream at home something like that and then it turned into I mean he
can only go up so you know then I got to be snow down the shirt when we were out
there digging you know when it was wintertime and then it was the
grasshopper and then it was eating a worm and then it was I mean just we’re
scared for you then you were scared I’m like I’ll tell you what you can’t be
doing this he’s gonna go well here’s a clip where Kaden lost here’s a clip
where Kaden lost and Tony’s going to execute the payback
and things didn’t go quite as planned let’s watch this clip yeah but that was
a good time we’ve had some fun times doing that for sure the competitions
have been real fun and I am proud to say that when he loses he does man up
I mean I’ve even had my beard shaved off remember that one Kaden I lost there was
coin roll hunting on that one I had my beard no munching yeah and I’m like I am
NOT we had some issues we had some problems with that one yeah so we found
fun though you know what humor right here but no I had to shave the whole
thing it made me sad yeah it grows back hey we’re about 15 we’re about 15
minutes into it you want to get to the Lexx giveaway yeah Katie Kaden was gonna
do this giveaway oh yeah I am and he’s pre-selected some things too
but he’s changed it up a bit so everyone listened to Kaden and he’ll tell you
what’s up I’m not normal to these guys so I’m gonna trade you two letters A
through Z no one started yet and when I say go you guys are gonna type in and
letter A through Z and I’ll tell you what su what’s the price what’s the
price what are we gonna win here is we got two points I’m sorry I cannot see it
slq and a Rosie yes at the Rosie
silver a Standing Liberty 1963 Rosie and a no date slq up for grabs awesome
Caden great job a through Z a through Z you guys ready Caden you say go Oh
alright guys a through Z and this has been predetermined winter we are not
predetermine winter predetermine answer this might go quick yeah let’s see who’s
gonna get it the delay is the suspension is killing me here my god there we go
now we’re starting to get some keep going keep going
well that was quick stop right what do you guys think the first one you see
which or the first one you see cadent first one I saw it was K what K what congratulations silver silver in your pocket k what
awesome good job yeah so hey K what if you’d like to go ahead and send me an
email @ DK at adventures in dirt will do the same thing tell me how to get stuff
to you and we will pass that along to Kaden and they will get that out to you
shortly so do that turn that and contact me
another way if you like there’s you know comment on one of my videos or whatever
but email probably to keep privacy and I send send me something you want me to
pass along to them on how to get stuff to you that’d be awesome
congratulations K what congratulations silver silver in the pocket awesome you
can be you can be it’s over the letter was see ya quasi mobile letter
see good to see you by the way as the winner the winner was see ya pa coin
hounds metal detecting great to see you risers hello I don’t think I’ve seen you
I know you’ve been chatting here Wow I appreciate that
hey thanks Caden that was awesome for you to give away a couple of piece of
silver that that is just very cool speaking of silver no I think we’re good
I think we’re good with that we’re down there we got about five more minutes
left I like to keep these to about an hour and stuff so what else you seeing
guys seen going on the chat Internet here I just want to make sure I know I
oh I would dig it aye aye is that how you pronounce I would dig it I know we
haven’t said anything to them but thank you for coming on I know you’ve been on
for a while tonight so thank you so much pa coin hounds metal detective Jordan
Anderson hello hello thanks for stopping by the chat any other questions on the
chat guys what else do you guys want I’m an open book
there you go guys there’s your immolation here’s your invitation look
at the time keep it PG earnest that’s what we wanted to talk about gainful Bob
is asking about Caden and his mail I did get it right what’d you get well sure so
he got a couple foreign coins there yeah now I am so so sorry
where’d you get him get to it I didn’t get to the research yet but I will be
researching on these coins back to you on that where’d you get them Caden oh oh
they get scaffold ABS mail okay awesome it’s on my little board so no cool he’s
got a card and that’s awesome yeah yeah we got a card we got some he
sent over some stickers from Sinisa uh said stickers over to gavel Bob
Gaffa Bob sent us over some stickers and he got sent over some surprise coins for
Kaden oh that’s awesome do some reasearch Kayden’s didn’t quite
the coin collection started that’s for sure that’s really cool yeah it’s a
great hobby man coin collecting is a great hobby metal detector meaning you
know you’re you’re learning right I’m telling you learning from Tony he’s got
he’s doing he’s doing things right did you uh gaff about this said there was
something in there for me to what he did he send my did he send that that d70
camera over that can honored the know the I three are the t3i are you get this
oh I get oh well that’s just as bad as good it looks really big here but way
back here it’s about that big he didn’t send me the helmet he sent me the
sticker you didn’t send me the helmet off the helmet you got that have been
some some postage to gave will detect thanks for making it bud thanks for
making it or towards the end here but I appreciate you coming by saying hello
anything coming up I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you what Tony’s got Tony’s got
some things coming up I want to tell you about one of them right now on September
20th Tony’s going to be a special guest on relics radio with diggin was seven
and Tennessee Jeff over on spreaker.com at 8 p.m. Eastern on September 20th he’s
going to be the special guests over there if so I’m sure we’ll be reminding
you about that but set your reminders and head on over there to relics radio
it’s going to be a great show I can’t wait he was kind enough to kind of be in
the audience for me when I was on the show and I really appreciate it I’m
gonna return the favor he’s got a lot more to reveal to everyone and I’m gonna
make sure to set my reminder to be over on relics radio September 20th at 8:00
p.m. Eastern what do you think of that Tony that sounds like
a really great opportunity yeah I was a little surprised 7:00 reached out to me
and said hey when can you go and I was really really honored and surprised I’m
not sure 7:00 still in here but yeah we’re set up for the 20th if you’ve been
on my social media I already sent out the reminder of the picture after we got
that all set up and that’s going to be coming out a couple more times but uh
yeah September 20th 8 p.m. Eastern that’s a good show if you guys haven’t
been on there before that’s I tell you I mean it’s it’s an honor for me to be on
that show that that’s above my pay grade those two guys there yeah I tell you
those are some those are some hunters yeah dig ologist wants to know if our
Alex radio is a YouTube channel and no it’s not it’s actually a podcast it’s a
podcast that’s presented on spreaker.com spreaker.com is a podcast hosting site
they have a lot of different shows on there and relics radio is just one of
the shows that that is shown on there that has to do with metal detecting it’s
an awesome show a couple YouTube channels digging with 7:00 and Tennessee
Jeff they are the hosts of the show and they
are on YouTube so it kind of all blends together and kind of mixes over
platforms there but boy I’m telling you it’s great because you can listen to the
interview happening and then you can chat in the chat and kind of talk with
everyone else listening at the same time it’s a lot of fun I love it usually
every Thursday night they have one at 8:00 p.m. Eastern so you can head on
over there keep keep watching will be showing links and stuff just like this
just without the the ugly faces on there we got face for radio just wants to know
yeah they’re there in the print shop so it’s people look out for them I didn’t
think that was the question you would pick I thought you’d pick pick the
question if somebody’s asking you if you have a girlfriend
Cayden and I thought that was the question you would have picked up on and
kind of yesterday that’s the one I was reading yeah
that’s the only one I saw since I saw that but great question nor I’ll tell
you what I’ll let him answer that one offline sometime I’m sure you had enough
friends and you can talk about that later
hey guys listen I want you two to hold on okay
I’m gonna go ahead and close the showdown last parting words from Tony
and then get to Caden and then I’ll say some parting words to the group and then
remember after I’m off screen after we’re off screen for about two minutes
I’m gonna let the conversation go and die out before I stop streaming and
there’ll be some music playing just a still image so that’s what we got coming
up Tony any parting words I just want to say thank you to DK for having us on
tonight it’s always a blast I love the live streams it is a lot more difficult
to be interviewed than it is to run your own live stream and be in the chat and
things like that so I deeply apologize to all the questions I missed in the
chat this this is tough being on this end and not actually running it so thank
you so much DK for having us thank you everybody to the chat to coming over and
make sure you guys check out 5280 adventures social media Instagram
Twitter Facebook all of that stuff so make sure you guys get over there and
check out everything over there too and I will put all those links down below
once we’re off this thing I’ll add that to Austin what about you Kade in any
parting words I just want to thank you so much for coming on to the livestream
guys I want to thank DK for allowing me to do this because the minute I heard
that I’m gonna be on digger spotlight I’m like not ready for this
and so yeah um and I feel really I saw this one question at the very beginning
of the livestream I wanted to get to UM and Tony this I don’t I can’t I don’t
see his name anymore but he’s asking if when are you gonna be wearing the tutu that’s a topic for another night there
you have to bring them with my relics radio I’ll save that one for Alex right
oh no don’t want to bring that up there do that on her own listen you two I’m
just gonna have to put you off screen here for a minute
I do want to thank you both for being great guests being very informative
having a great time with all the questions it was a lot of fun thank you
so much for being my guest here on diggers
spotlight I’d really appreciate it guys want you to wave at each other I know
you guys aren’t even same round right oh good good all right you guys be quiet
form it I’m gonna go ahead and place T camp okay
let’s talk to you guys in just a second hey wasn’t that awesome Thanks hey you
thought I just think those two guys so awesome of them to to come on and be
guests here on the digger spotlight Hey September 19th is the next digger
spotlight we’re gonna have Brad with green mountain metal detecting should be
a great time you guys send your questions ahead of time to DK at
adventures in dirt and I’ll put them I’ll make sure I get to them same form
as next time might be a good giveaway it might not we’ll see what happens there
but always love seeing you with your questions popping up I’m sure we’ll
learn a lot about Brad and the videos he makes and the music he makes it’s going
to be a great time so thank you all for coming tonight
hope to see you all there on the 19th at 8 p.m. Eastern but I’m gonna go ahead
and close out again for two minutes we’re going to let this sort of out role
play Stream is gonna stay live you guys go ahead and chat I’ll try to catch up
with some of you guys in chat thank you all for showing up really appreciate it
we’ll see you on the 19th 19th of September thanks for showing up DK with
adventures in dirt have a good night you


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