Easy DIY Beading Bracelets with Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads

Hey guys I’m going to show how to make these 4 bracelets by using the same way and techniques. So just need to make one bracelet for this tutorial and explain how can you change beads to make other one. Before the tutorial I would like to share my interchangeable snap button collections I bought recently The buttons have different sizes and I got from jewelry settings So just press the button to the settings you can change the look by yourself If you like to wear costume jewelry to go with your clothing style and colors then you’ll like them So with the same bracelet setting just change the button to have a new bracelet we can prepare a lot of colors and styles. We can choose the same buttons to make the earrings I got some cute buttons as well and a cat pendant setting They save money in some way if you don’t mind to wear factory-made costume Jewellery Also can choose something quite exotic so yeah, just give you some idea. It was the first time i bought snap button jewelries. So now I’m going to show you how to make the bracelet. I’m going to use crystal thread 6mm white Swarovski pearls, 4mm Swarovski bicone crystal beads very nice blue colour, and clasp with a closed ring and a closed jump ring silver line seed beads, and scissors, use the thread to measure my wrist, Give a bit more space Then double the length and give a bit more extra cut the thread and put the thread through the ring of clasp, then hold two ends to make a normal knot, then push the knot down to the clasp, so the clasp will stay in the middle, hold the two ends together, place a pearl first, then followed by a seed bead, Then use one side of the thread to place a seed bead followed by two crystal beads for the other side, place two crystal beads first, followed by a seed bead, so you can see the beads from these two threads are in different orders, Then put the two ends together to place a seed bead. so we’ve finished the first section, then you just copy the first section, And you’ll get the second, just continue till you get the length you want There are two things I want to mention here because we start with a pearl , so better to finish with a pearl, Then it looks even and tidy. Let’s see if we if we stop here without a pearl, like that, then the bracelet looks uneven, Also, if we make the bracelet too long too loose for the wrist it may move in this way Not staying properly, so please don’t make it too long Put one thread through the jump ring Here just make three knots I’ve tried many times the thread is really strong enough with three knots I don’t recommend to use crimp for this thread, it can make the thread snapped easily, Just make sure the knots are tight enough And loosen a bit to look tidy and use scissors to cut the extra threads. Then we’ve done If we replace the blue crystal beads with the white AB colour, then we’ll make this bracelet. If we replace 6mm pearls with 4mm pearls, we can get this one, kinda of flowers links, when we replace the pearls with seed beads, we can have this look, They are super easy. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you so much for watching I’ll see you later xoxo


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