Elite Dangerous Scanner key bindings Beyond Chapter 4

Hello it’s Ricardo and welcome back to
elite dangerous beyond chapter four and with chapter four as mentioned there
came the scanner but before you can really use the scanner you gotta do a
little bit of work in the control panel of the game and do your key bindings
closings are several new features keys have to be assigned to the functions
like tuning or entering scanning mode switching your heard over and the like
so this is gonna be a quick video how I’ve done it I’m not saying what I’ve
done is right I’m just saying this is how I’ve done it okay and we can discuss
this in the comment section if you’ve got a better way of doing it hey let me
know it’d be really good hey keep it positive you know let’s be positive
about this change is always frightening to an awful lot of people and as a
result of which you know we can either embrace it or play something else in a
way doing the key bindings it’s gonna be a good way of just making the game feel
like your own and setting it up for your own personal preferences it would have
been nice though I think to have had a couple of hints from frontier
developments on this like we suggest with your default key binding that this
could be an optimal way of assigning some of the functions anyway
inter controls now we’re all familiar with this interface and this interface
we’ve known right from the beginning of the game so when you first get in and I
can’t show you this at the moment because I’ve already altered my key
bindings is that they’ll be highlighted yellow symbol next to the section that
needs to be adjusted that’s fine so you can know you need to assign some key
bindings to those functions so you know here’s the first one switch the hood
mode you’ve got combat mode and you’ve got scanning mode now I’ve assigned that
to the hash key and then you know discovery which will open that discovery
in the Codex I’ve assigned to the semicolon okay not ideal but they’re
close I thought that would for me so switch in the head from
scanning to combat I’ve assigned to the hashkee it’s right there
boom thank you very much interested to see what everybody else has assigned it
to moving down right the way down to the bottom we got the full spectrum system
scanner now better work is required here so to enter the scanner the full
spectrum scanner I’m using f1 again might not be ideal but that’s what I’m
using and it seems to work for me moving down the camera pitch
I’ve also assigned this to joystick movements time using an X 52 hot ass and
for zooming into the target I’ve got the up and down mouse wheel now sorry guys I
know this is all very PC centric for all the people who are playing consoles out
there as well also stepped in and stepped out zoom I’ve got the brackets
and then also the tuning I’ve got that assigned to I and you so up and down
respectively okay now maps as well the mouse settings
able the ability to use the mouse in the scanner mode I think is fantastic and
I’ve set that so that Mouse movements will go up down left and right what you
have to look out for is the pitch right now this basically means up or down
right so by default if you move it up the cursors gonna go down so you want to
invert that pitch all right no dramas moving on to the detail surface scanner
not much to configure there you got the toggle front and back view I’ve put that
on Mouse one and the button mode hold which means going to hold the button
down to enable that so just to go through and recap again so you a quick
look through this to enter the mode f1 again I’ve got the joystick assigned up
down left and right again for the pitch and the yaw I’ve also made sure the dead
zones are just by default else it’s gonna move all over the place scrolling
down then you know you got the zoom in zoom out on the mouse buttons you can
step in or zoom in with the brackets I’ve set that as well so I can jump in
certain certain elements to the scanning then the chewing I’ve got I and O or
iron you sorry I being to increase zoom new to be decrease it and then the mouse
access you know for your and pitch and I’ve inverted the pitch so when I move
the mouse up the entire map moves up and down it
moves down otherwise it’s all over the place that might suit some players
doesn’t suit me now I get the current signal I’ve assigned to Mouse one so if
I want to lock on to a planetary body from the scanner click on Mouse one and
to exit there’s backspace on the detailed service scanner and the exit
the scanner right the main scanner I’ve used f2 so again it’s not going to be
ideal I haven’t assigned anything yet to the
playlist and play in audio logs but I should do really because if some of you
watch the video yesterday in regards to the codecs it desperately needs some
sort of like volume stop start control there in that video everything that
video go check it out that would be great and leave your
comments there as well so that was a quick look through of what I’ve done
from my key bindings in regards to the scanner and the defender the surface
scanner so that’s the discovery scanner and the surface scanner
those are my key bindings I’m not sure they’re gonna stay like that I may
change them as the game progresses but I just thought I’d share it out and let
people make their own decisions as well and also might come up with something
that I have not foreseen which is more than likely the case especially these
days so in the comment section let me know what your key bindings are if
you’ve got a different way of doing it we can try it out see if it works or not
but those are mine there you go anyway thank you very much
for watching I’ve been Riccardo this has been my key bindings explanation on how
I found my keys for the new functionality in regards to the scanner
and the detailed surface scanner in elite dangerous beyond chapter 4 please
check back for more videos in the series see you soon if you have already done so
click that like and subscribe button and look for that notification icon enjoy it
it’s beat over the next couple of weeks you you


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