Fortnite smartphone HDMI adapter bluetooth gamepad 50″ TV Epic graphics mobile android ios 9 kills !

what’s up guys PhoneTvGamepad here today
we’re gonna play Fortnite on smartphone like always with an HDMI
adapter it’s an Android smartphone but you can also do this with iPhones I’m
using a SlimPort HDMI adaptor for reasons of performance because it’s
written 4k on it but it outputs 1080p at 60fps even on 4k TV while other adapters
outputs 4k at 30 or 60 fps so this adaptor uses less power and battery on
your phone like you can see 1080p at 60fps on the top right corner of the TV
so guys if you have a 4k TV your phone will be colder your battery will last
longer and you will get better gaming performance with this adapter but if
you have a 1080p TV you can use a 4k adapter because of course it will only output to
the 1080p maximal resolution of your TV ok guys like you can see the gamepad is
automatically recognized it works perfectly with Fortnite and like you
can see the graphics are on epic settings and 3d resolution on 100% the
maximal resolution for this game the graphics will be awesome
here is the gamepad settings, sensitivity of the controller also you can see under
my name PhoneTvGamepad new to my character a gamepad this guys means
that we are playing in the gamepad server there are servers with gamepad
player server with touchscreens players and servers with keyboard and mouse
players so if you play with a gamepad you cannot play against touchscreen or
keyboard and mouse players. Like you can see guys this controller works perfectly
with this game like I said guys Fortnite
automatically detects your peripheral and place you in the right server. I’m
also using an ipega gamepad, this is the most portable gamepad on Android, you
can even put it in a pocket, it’s an extendable gamepad so you can
extend the gamepad and place your smartphone in the gamepad so you can
play like a PSP or a “Nintendo Switch”, it’s a wireless gamepad with bluetooth
so you can also plug your phone to your TV and connect your gamepad to your
smartphone to have a perfect console experience like ps4 or again like a
“Nintendo Switch”, and all of these guys is in your pocket so you have your
smartphone in your pocket like always, you put this gamepad in your other
pocket and you’re good to go guys you can play everywhere and the gamepad is
not expensive at all you can find it between 15 and 20 dollars and the HDMI
adapter between 15 and 20 dollars also for a 4k adapter but for this particular
adapter, the SlimPort adapter it will cost $30 but yet you will get definitely
a better gaming experience with this adapter, you will better battery life
better performance and your phone will be colder, i will put the links to the hdmi
adapters and the gamepad in the description. So like you can see this game runs
natively with gamepads, you don’t need to configure anything just connect your
phone to your gamepad with Bluetooth and launch the game. This gamepad has a very
fast response time. In this video I asked to my friend to play for me because I want
to deliver you the best gameplay of this game but one of my friend is really good
at this game, please watch this video entirely till
the end and you will see that he isn’t joking guys,
he hisn’t joking with this game, I would better play with him than against him. He
is playing in fact from way longer time than me, I cannot play like him, he is
playing very well you will see it, don’t worry. He is playing for the first time on smartphone,
not the first game, he has made several games before this, I have cut them
because this is the best game he has made but he is playing on ps4 and I
wanted him to try it with the ipega gamepad and you just need to adjust the
sensitivity and he told me that the joysticks and all the experience is the
same like on ps4, the layout buttons are also exactly the same on all platforms okay like you can see guys there’s
someone here and one kill, already one killed he still has 100% life, 100% shield, this
guy has some serious skills, I told you guys this is gonna be very interesting.
There is also someone else coming here with the hoverboard don’t know what is
doing he had no chance guys he had no chance. I don’t know what he wanted to do but.
I also let the brightness of my phone screen on so you can see that there is
no delay between what is showing on the phone screen and on the TV screen, it’s
showing both on the same time. Guys it’s a very bad idea to use chromecast
or Miracast or other wireless adapter for gaming on your TV, there is too much lag
and too much delay between what is showing on your phone screen and on the
TV, it’s totally unplayable, even more for
games like this where you need to react fast. Also guys you have to know that not
all smartphones can run this game, check on Epic Games website to see if your
smartphone is compatible, you will need a middle or high end smartphone to play
this game but if you have a low range smartphone it will probably not work.
Here I’m playing with the HTC U12+ it’s a high-end smartphone from HTC pure
beast for gaming so you can play this game on the highest graphics settings, the
epic settings and the graphics are really awesome. guys like you can see it’s like
on console, it’s like playing on ps4. With a wired HDMI adapter here is exactly the
same external display technology as on consoles and PC it’s very fast and
perfect for gaming, my friend could not play like this if he was playing with a
wireless display adapter like Chromecast or Miracast. Someone else is there, he is not far away. He is trying to hide but guys you will see we have someone that has some serious skill here you need to train a lot to play like him
I cannot play like this I do not have enough training. Ok and… not for now, he is hiding again behind the buildings. Guys done, already 3 kills and still 100% life and 100% shield, guys this is awesome I told you this is gonna be a
huge game I could not play like this. I don’t know if I ever had three kills. I think I don’t but with my friend you have definitely a better gameplay with
this game. Someone else is here so here we go, 4 kills guys and still 100% life and 100% shield, again someone else is coming. Oh this guy looks to have better skills than the others, yeah definitely but don’t worry. It will be good, like you can see there are two guys there
that are very very trained or this game. They are building so fast, I cannot build that fast guys.
You can also do this on iPhones you just need an HDMI adapter for iPhone and an
MFI gamepad, everything will be in the description. I will also make videos with
iPhone so make sure to subscribe and click on the bell to get the
notification when the videos will be online. Oh, he is there, that’s really fast guys. Oops, looks like he has lost some shield here. We need to take potion, we need to hurry, we will come back later.
And take some potion.. Ok one, two and we good to go. Just reload weapons here… Okay and go
back to the battlefield. He is there… Ooh, looks like there is someone else, we can hear the
fire, okay we have lost him, I don’t know if he is hiding or if he’s searching us but I
don’t see him anymore there is someone else there with, looks like a car. Also if you have an iPhone, they support only up to 1080p so you will not get performance issue
when a 4k TV and if you have a Samsung phone compatible with Samsung Dex you
can change the external display resolution to 1080p to have a smoother
experience, but on other phones compatible with HDMI like me you cannot
change the external display resolution so you have to use this SlimPort
adapter with a 4k TV. people here, two guys. Oh he’s back he’s back, there is also a plane, there is a lot of people here but don’t worry it will be ok for us. We don’t have any wood, we don’t have wood, we have to build with metal. Okay he is taking some health here, looks like there is nobody anymore. Ooh, I don’t know if you you saw this guys. Looks like a sniper or maybe… maybe the plane again let’s take some
wood here whoo-hoo guys I don’t know if you saw this, it’s gonna be dangerous we need to get out get out of here hurry up. Ooh no chance but we safe, we’re safe now he has fired our buildings. So guys like I said he has made several
games before this but I took the best game he has made and I’ve cut the others
but if you want I will add other videos of Fortnite on PhoneTvGamepad channel
in duo or squad or other modes or other games of course, please guys subscribe and click on the bell to get my latest videos on more games like this. Also guys you have
to know that not all smartphones are compatible with HDMI you can check on the Facebook or on the Twitter page of PhoneTvGamepad to see if your smartphone is
compatible with HDMI. iPhone, high end Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S
series, Huawei P and Mate series, also Asus Rog Phone, high end HTC, Razer Phones are compatible but there are also smartphone brands that are not compatible like Xiaomi, Oneplus, Vivo, Sony, Nokia, LG and I don’t agree with that guys, it’s okay on a
low or middle range smartphone if it’s not compatible with HDMI but for high end
flagship smartphones with high price you must have HDMI, it should be a standard
for the price you pay for your smartphone. And the only way to change this, guys, is to show to phone makers your interest in this feature. Most people doesn’t even know
which smartphone is HDMI capable or if their smartphone is compatible. So we can
change this by sharing this video to the more people you can and asking to smartphone makers to add HDMI compatibility to their smartphones, for example on their Facebook or their
Twitter page. If nobody ask it they will think that we are not interested in
this, but the more people will show their interest in this, the more chance they
add this. So guys make sure to share this video with all of your friends and ask to
phone makers to add this feature to their smartphones. You can also play on the TV
and charge your phone at the same time but if you plan to play and charge your
phone for a long period of time I recommend you a phone stand with fans to
keep it cool. You can find a lot of them on online stores for a very low price, I
will put the link in the description. This SlimPort adapter has no charging port
but you still get smoother experience than with a 4k adapter. By the way the
marks of the feet are called sound effects visualizer and can also
turn it on on PC and consoles in the accessibility tab in the settings. So
there is someone else here and done guys, done. We have five kills
guys, five kills and still 100% life and 100% shield that’s a huge game guys someone else again, and already done. He’s really fast, I could not play like this. You have a great gameplay of this game here let’s take the weapons and ammo okay we’re full of ammo here did you see
this guys ?A guy has just fallen from nowhere. I don’t know how and why he has done that but we already full of ammo so let’s get to this battle let’s go to the
perfect place the place to be. Also guys if you want to connect your phone to you
TV like this you don’t need a smart TV, only a normal TV with a normal HDMI port and it will work like a charm. Please guys make sure to subscribe, share,
and like this video, if you have a question ask me in the comments I will
answer you with pleasure okay I think this is the best place to
be, we are perfect here on the top of the map we can see everyone everywhere no problem
six people in the map there is six people in the map and you can see them there is one guy very far away let’s try
anyway, really hard. OOH guys, what ? Dis you see that ? A guy was just behind us and I don’t know what you wanted to do but
it looks like a troll but it has completely failed here I don’t know what
he wanted to do he didn’t even touched us again with a full life and seven kills
guys seven kills four people in the map and seven kills this is a great game guys, a
great game okay this is the perfect place to be
look at the map guys we are in the perfect place let’s build a tower here and we’re good three people in the map okay there is
one guy here behind the tree. Ooh, done guys. 8 kills guys, 8 kills this is awesome I told you guys this game will
be huge, and is already huge. We are two in the map and we know where he is he has to move he has to move he
cannot stay there he’s not moving, he has a sniper, very dangerous if he hits us. Ooh did you see the bullet this is very dangerous but it has to move he cannot stay there let’s watch what he will do. Oh we touched him He has a sniper guys this is dangerous very
dangerous, what will he do ? Oh nice move here, very nice move. He’s coming to us still with the sniper. Ooh that was close,
very close let’s go to the fight. Where is he ? Okay
he’s hiding behind the tree guys I don’t know maybe he does think that we don’t see
him but that’s not gonna work guys let’s rush him, let’s go let’s go
You can see him definitely let’s rush it let’s rush And done guys, victory royale. Awesome, awesome. This was a huge game guys. 9 kills, one assist. Look at the shield, look at the life still to the maximal life guys. Let’s look at the stats
nine eliminations, one assist 3 headshots and he has only taken 208
damage but he has made 1425 damage to players. This is why I asked him to play for me. If my friend can make victory royale and nine kills on this game it’s because the phone is connected with a wired HDMI adapter. He could never do that with a wireless adapter like Chromecast or Miracast. I hope you enjoyed this gameplay. I will put other gameplays of this
game in the next videos. Make sure to subscribe, share and like this video and click on the bell to get the notifications for my latest videos. So again this game is running on epic, 3d
resolution at 100% and it’s running very smoothly so thank you for watching guys and
remember if your smartphone does not have HDMI make sure to share this video
and ask to smartphone makers to add this feature to smartphones. Thank you for
watching Peace !

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