Frozen in Time – WW2 Stuff Lost & Forgotten

We just arrived in Germany. We’re gonna visit an old military base. A lot of activity went on here. We think that we should be able to find some evidence of that. We’re gonna do our best. We have some new detectors to try out. I’m really curious what this day will bring. Just wanted to show you the metal detecting gear for today. I already showed you my XP Deus last video. I’m now gonna test it out for the first time. You also see another metal detector there. That’s a QuestPro. Which is actually waterproof up to 5 meters deep. That might be interesting to use for magnet fishing. We’re gonna see that later on. I have some ideas for that as well. But we’re gonna try this out. Yeah, hopefully we’re gonna find something. We are just digging away in this thick underbrush. But there’s some signals there. I think I just discovered something interesting. Here, I think it’s some sort of medical… I don’t know what the technical term is… …but there’s a white powder in there. And, this is made of glass. So that was actually not the signal. We’re gonna see… …what’s more to be found here. I’m wondering what this white stuff is. Kenny just found something with the QuestPro. Yup. Some sign of firing activity? What’s that, a shell casing? I’m not sure if that’s German or American. I’m not sure. But, if it can find this, it can probably also find medals. Let’s hope for the best. Here’s another… …German find. A shovel. To dig trenches and foxholes. I just dug this small hole. And out came this little pocket knife. The metal obviously hasn’t rusted. It almost like some handmade pattern. On both sides. In the grip. Maybe it was a personal item from a soldier. Something that he took from home with him? Anyway, it looks very cool! Made another discovery. It’s an MG34 bolt. And this one is actually not in a too bad condition. For iron, that is. It’s quite smooth still. Better than the one I found last time. Just found the remains of a Kar98k ammunition pouch. This is leather. And there’s some metal buttons on it. That’s why we found it. It’s not in a very good condition. But there might still be a stamp on it here. The manufacturer stamp. I brushed it off a little. And now you can see. It says 1937. Right here. There’s some manufacturer brand/name here. We’re just having a small discussion here. As you can see we’re digging quite a deep hole. And we’re seeing some metal here I don’t know if you can see that. It looks a bit like aluminum. We think it could be from an American mess tin. We’re gonna check that out and I’ll keep you updated. My friends came out to help me with this dig. We just discovered a certain edge. We’re quite sure that… Well, we recognize that edge as being from an American canteen. Let me just get you down there. Here, that’s the edge I’m talking about. I’m quite sure that’s an American canteen. Here’s some glass. Yeah. Ah nice man, then it must be a dump pit. You see that reflection? Probably you can. So many roots here guys… I think this is the moment. There’s motion there. It’s coming loose. Let’s try to get it out carefully. Yeah. Oh man, that is so clearly readable! That’s so awesome! US. Vollrath, I don’t know what that is. Probably the manufacturer, maybe. It sounds like a German city though. Interesting. And 1943. Also, on the cartridge belt is the canteen cover. The canteen which holds roughly a quarter of water. It’s made of aluminum. And the canteen cup. The canteen cup is used by the individual in eating and drinking. I’m afraid that was it for this hole. There’s not really any good signals anymore in this pit. Let me just show you… This beautiful canteen just came out. And also some bottles. I’m not sure what this is. But it looks a bit burned. So, I think this material was maybe put on a fire and just dumped here. They left it behind. Let me just show you what the Deus says about this canteen. What does it read? 85, 90. It varies a little bit. But, if you’re a Deus owner you will definitely find American canteens! That’s very nice. Well, we’re just packing up our stuff. We’re gonna leave this forest. We’re gonna try some magnet fishing later on. I will return to you. When we are at that location. Right now we are walking to our magnet fishing spot for tonight. Yeah, a lot of fierce fighting happened here between the Allied army and the German army. I’m not gonna go into too much detail right now. Let’s just start magnet fishing. So this is the gear for this trip. We have two Terror magnets from Magnetar, on a rope. And we have one magnet on an expandable stick. I’m gonna get into the water and two of my friends will be throwing these. My buddy Kenny just shouted at me that his magnet was extremely heavy. Probably there’s something on it. Let’s see what that is. That’s an explosive. That’s unfortunate. This is what came out. I think we can all agree that this is an explosive. It should be handled very carefully. We’re gonna have to call the bomb squad at the end of the day. They will take care of this. Looks like we have yet another find here. I think this is a Flak 2 cm head. So this is anti-aircraft ammunition. Yeah, no shell casing, just the… …the warhead. You can still see the copper band. It’s funny. Just found a Flak 2 cm head. I think I have the bottom of that shell casing. Right here, yeah. It’s the bottom of a Flak 2 cm shell casing. It goes with the warhead that we just found. Interesting. We just walked to another side of the lake. And we’re gonna use the QuestPro metal detector… …for magnet fishing. So we’re gonna see how that goes. It should be waterproof. Luckily the water is not very deep here, that helps. Got a nice signal here. What does it read? 35, 78. It goes up and down. Right, let’s see if we can get it with the magnet. I just felt it with my hands. I have an idea that it could be the lid from a French anti-tank mine. Based on the pattern that I felt, but we’ll see! Because it’s coming loose now. Let me just… There it comes. Yes! Yes it is. It’s a… Like I said it’s the lid of a French anti-tank mine. It’s not in the best condition, but that’s definitely recognizable. I can probably show you a picture right now. Interesting find. Nice call! We have a very big signal right here. I think we’re trying for quite some minutes to get it out of the water. Alright I think it’s coming loose. I have the handle in my hands right now. I think it’s some sort of ammo box. It appears to be filled with mud. We’re really doing our best here. It’s very heavy! Let’s put it to the side. Can you help me out here? There you go, it’s out of the water. Let me just give you a close up. See that paper? Yeah it’s very fragile, I’m not sure if we can save this. We’ll see! We have another ammo box right here. I think I’m able to get it out right now. Let’s pull it out again. That’s it, come on! There’s actually some red color on this one. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Same box, but maybe different type of ammunition? I did a little bit of cleaning. It’s very interesting to see that these wooden parts survived. Because, obviously… We found this underwater. There’s the ammunition mark. The text that I was talking about earlier. It contained Flak 3.7 cm ammunition. Anti-aircraft. This is also still moving.


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