Galvo Scanners for Laser Light Show Applications

Hey everyone, Bill Benner here from
Pangolin Laser Systems. We are here at the photonics West in San Francisco kickin it. As you know we started that new division of the company called ScannerMAX. We developed scanners that are stronger, cooler and faster than all the rest.
So take a look at some hard new developments. Here, to show we’re showing our new
Saturn one scanners, this is the fastes scanner around for three millimeter aperture. What makes this so fast is the low rotor
inertia, lowest in the business and it runs really
cool. So we have these running in this projector
over here, I’ll tip this down. You can see this running
here. With a little red green and blue lasers projecting these
images up here. that this trade show we have it running
at 60 K with a pretty wide angle earlier today I
have had the scan is running 120 K cool in a very small angle I
really don’t think that any very visible with very many people begin
the small-angle but nevertheless it shows our technical
prowess that we can get there to in my hand here I have our new motto
he s p.m. this is a hundred percent digital amp and it runs the scanners any
you notice that there’s no tuning parts on this amp as big as this all tonight digitally we have a little
computer program here and you see all the tuning is done in the computer program that any can even happen multiple tunings in
here you can have a 30k setting a 60k setting in 90 K setting accessible with the click of a mouse
this software has a built-in oscilloscope function built in function generator built-in
dynamic signal analyzer basically a lot a built-in test equipment built right in
the software and it runs in a sample planes ran to
compare what by a US beat this is what we got going on here folks
if you’re interested check us out scare max dot com go to our
Facebook page it Facebook dot com slash Scantraxx or you
too dot com slash optical scanning and Vicki
all fixed up


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