Gold Detecting Leonora Western Australia

This is another signal from the area that
we have been finding a few nuggets. So fingers crossed!! Ok…keep digging using the pick! The signal is getting louder. Um it was actually a really really faint signal
and um like really faint. And Ann had been getting some really great
pieces of gold by um just stopping at when the I think it’s the threshold of the detector
just there’s a slight break in it. And anyway, just scrape back the top and um
just go for it so it can be a bit testy sometimes it could be you know, if it’s a hot rock or
if it’s not a hot rock or um but just try it. Just try it you never know um until you go. Keep Diggin! More digging…. Signal getting louder again. Getting closer to the target. Looks like cap rock. Goodness me, bit of a hole! Very close to the target now!! Ann – It’s making you work hard for it….Bec..It is..! Let’s see ay…whoo! It’s in here somewhere. Hmm what happened? Loud signal.. Can you believe it, it’s gold..! With all of that, through the cap rock which
is incredible, um look at that, I mean it’s not a huge piece but it’s gold. And that is just awesome! It really is. To get that out of all of that. WOW..! Um I’m pretty excited cause that’s broken
my drought after a few days um. Ann’s been getting quite a few so..quite a
few nuggets so i’m really happy with that. I’m really, really happy with that. There we have it.


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