Gravity – Speaker Tilt Adapters

Hi and welcome to the Adam Hall Group Studios. I’d like to show you the tilt adapters from
Gravity. These are particularly useful when you want
to tilt a speaker which is mounted onto a regular 35 mm speaker stand like this one here. We have two versions. The one on this side here is the Gravity Fixtilt
and it tilts forward by about 5 degrees. So this is not a mistake, this is a deliberate
bend forward by 5 degrees. The adapter itself is made out of solid steel
with thick walled tubing and the set screw here is special in that on the tip
it has a thick layer of plastic coating. Now that prevents this set screw from scratching
your stands when you tighten it. In addition, all the aluminium Gravity stands
have a nylon rod going down inside and that also prevents the stand from getting dents,
when using adapters like this. The Gravity knob is special in itself in that
it’s double injection moulded. That means that the inside material is a hard
plastic, ABS or nylon depending on which knob we’re talking about, and it’s coated with a layer
of a so-called thermoplastic which is a kind of rubber. The surface is very grippy and very comfortable,
and you can tighten this knob all the way without it ever hurting your hands. So the way this works is you just release
that screw and drop this onto the stand, tighten the screw, put the speaker on,
and it’s tilted forward by 5 degrees. So that’s for fixed angles. This one here is really cool. It features our patented Vari-Tilt technology
and you can adjust this one here from 0 to 15 degrees. And the really cool thing is, you can do it
while the speaker is on the adapter. Some solutions out there can also tilt forward,
but they require you to take the speaker off, make the adjustment and then put the speaker
back on. This one here allows you to do it while it’s
under full load. So I’m just going to put the speaker on – there we go – and now if I want to tilt the
speaker forward all I have to do is turn this knob here and you can see it slowly tilting forward step by step. And if it’s too much I can go back a bit
while the speaker is on it and once I have the angle I want I just turn in
this little set screw to fix it in position, make sure it stays there, and there we go, that’s it. So those are the two tilt adapters from Gravity,
the Vari-Tilt for any angle from 0 to 15 degrees and the Fixtilt for a set angle of 5 degrees. The green rings are, as always, detachable
and you can pop on a black ring which always comes along with all the Gravity products. That’s it. Thanks for watching, and check us out on, and I hope to see you again soon. Take care, bye bye!

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