Green Mountain Metal Detecting Finds


Hello cleavers how to devil are you? Yes, it’s the top of a mouse battle-ax Got yourself a mouse battle-ax Now that is a phenomenal piece of history. They don’t come up every day mice battle-axes nice goose, geese horse Piece I think I think this is happening Can you see Okay, it’s a I’ve give it a little bit of inspection God I don’t know man. This is my first ever gold coin. It is a gold coin I can tell Let’s do this together, okay, you’re witnessing this with me. Oh It’s yellow look at it in the Sun Good lord man look You know People just always said to me old gold comes up a lot of day it was dropped Knows all right.

It can’t come up exactly not a day. It’s job. It’s gonna have all sorts of muddy. This is literally like When was it dropped? I’ve just done a bit of research on Google It’s a guinea, but I get this can you see at the top 17 13 17 13 Wow amazing job. Can you believe it a mouse battle-ax? What a great Oh, wait, not so much the gold coin. Oh the gold going Chris. What a great job buddy. Congratulations To you from pulling a gold coin just an amazing guinea 17-13 amazing coin buddy glad to come along with you on that trip and watch you pull that out of the ground Awesome job.
Everyone head on over to addicted to bleeps and check it out for yourself. Watch.

The whole video is pretty cool But it culminates in this gold coin and yes It looks like the day it was dropped just a brilliant brilliant sample of a great great British gold coin go Check it out. Check out his channel Addicted to bleeps.
Alright Hey let’s bring it back across the pond back to the United States go to the northeast of the United States and check in with Green Mountain metal detecting as he pulls an incredibly rare find You know, he just pulled the eight-real coin bonkers right out of your mind Excellent find and then he pulls this incredible rare fine.

I don’t know which is better Maybe you put in the comments or what you think but check this out from Green Mountain metal detecting watch this This is my first trip back to where I found the Adriel The best thing I’ve ever found my father All right, check it out. It’s another shoe. Buckle. Look at that. That is Absolutely, beautiful It still has both internal pieces. Look at that. It has a beautiful pattern around the outside see that These still even have their teeth a lot of time the teeth break off But this one still has them that is absolutely beautiful. Well, look at that it still moves Geez, this thing’s been in the ground for almost 300 years and it still works this one move. Yeah, they both still move crazy Well, that’s it a belt buckle look at that Right. Choose the best metal detector for gold.

That’s what that is or a buckle of some kind What the heck is gonna be on the front? Look, okay. Please be a design.
Please be a design Please be a design. Ooh There’s something on there Whoa 53 All right. Well Your guess is as good as mine. I’m gonna have to do some research on that one So today is a few days later and I had some time to research the buckle and it turns out I Have a right to be excited about it It’s British. It’s Revolutionary War era it belonged to a soldier of the 53rd regiment of foot Who were involved in a ton of campaigns and raids? in the colonies during the Revolutionary War they were specifically in Vermont during the Royalton grade and Royalton Vermont where They and some natives burnt three towns.

So we’ll go back to the clip of me not knowing what the heck it is. I found Holy mackerel, I Don’t know is that a regiment of some kind I really don’t know I’m just taking shots in the dark guesses here But that 53 Hestia represents something, you know, this video was great. He found a lot of things I mean he found that a tree a little while back he found that buckle in this video He finds a I found a spurt all these things that age everything to that period just an excellent excellent find and then I went and did the research as well as he did and learned a lot about the Fifty-third regiment of foot.

Oh My god it just can you imagine the Revolutionary War this regiment was set over they came into Quebec City They kind of come down in Vermont. They’re in the burning of the valleys campaign. They get down into Vermont they’ve burned three towns and they’re trying to just destroy crops and farms to destroy the supply lines to the Continental Army and they’re hanging out in this area and obviously Brad stumbles upon an area that has a lot of artifacts Tied to that period of time so great job man I would just hit that so hard.


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