HomeKit Water Leak Sensor – Aqara Water Leak Sensor Setup & Review

what is going on guys today we’re going
to talk real quickly about this guy a water leak sensor made by Aqara let’s
go what’s going on guys my name is Shane and on this channel I am building an
affordable smart home through a home kit so if that’s something you’re into
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make new videos but today it’s gonna be pretty quick we’re going to talk about
this this is the Aqara link Aqara water leak sensor a few weeks ago I had
some issues I live in South Carolina it’s super hot I had some issues with my
air conditioning unit at my at my house and up in the attic
long story short water was getting into some places with what’s supposed to get
to and I thought you know if I had an extra little sensor like this you know I
could put it in a certain spot real easily and get notifications if there’s
any kind of leaks or whatever so so let me go ahead and get one of these and
I’ll put it up there in the Attic this is supposed to work in in real humid and
dusty environment so I decided to go ahead and grab one of these I’m gonna
put it up in the attic so that if I have any issues like this again I’ll be
notified hopefully before too much damage is done this thing costs under
$15 on Amazon so you compare that to something like the Fabaro leak
sensor which is like $70 now this does require the Aqara hub and if you’ve
been watching my videos a couple weeks ago I did a review on setting up the
Aqara hub and using that as like an alarm system so this will require that
hub but even this plus the hub is still less than the Fibaro leak sensor so
you can pair all kinds of neat little sensors and stuff like this with the
Aqara hub real easily and they all work through the Aqara app and once they’re
paired it’ll show up in a home kit and then you can use it in home
as you would any other device to set automations and things like that alright
so let’s go ahead and get this thing paired up with our hub and we’ll
open up that once you select an appropriate device and the Aqara and
it’s really easy but there’s a button on this thing and you hold that down for
five seconds and once you hold that down for five seconds it will pair and you’ll
see it paired with the hub and that’s it very easy to set this thing up with the
hub once your hub is installed just as it was the door sensors that we did in
the last video and again if you want to see a video on how I set up the actual
hub I’ll link that in the description down below so let’s go ahead and test
this thing out and we’ll see how it works and as you can see it’s pretty quick
works well and it works as it’s supposed to so you know coming in at under 15
bucks you can grab a few of these and just throw them in different places that
may be prone to flooding again they’re great for stuff like you know water
heaters or AC units under kitchen sinks they can withstand the humid and dusty
environments a little bit about this this water sensor has an ip67 waterproof
rating this is guaranteed to work in high humidity and high heat as well as
dusty environments it takes a cr2032 battery it’s like
little watch battery and they say that that battery should last two years the
alarm will be triggered when the water reaches up to zero point five
millimeters all these devices do connect through ZigBee to the Acorah hub you can
get this along with a lot of their other sensors you know I got door sensors I’m
thinking about getting some motion sensors and things like that and setting
up some automations through a home kit with those let me know what you guys
think and that’s about all I got for today guys again my name is Shane and on
this channel I’m gonna continue to make smart home videos where I am building an
affordable smart home using home kits so if that’s something you’re into consider
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this and thanks again for watching and until next time see y’all later

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