How to install the Texecom Impaq S wired shock sensor/Impaq SC wired shock sensor with contact.

The new European Standard for vibration detectors, EN50131-2-8, mandates stringent performance criteria across a wide range of surface materials. The Impaq S Series exceeds these requirements, and has been independently certified to Grade 2 by Kiwa Telefication. Open the device cover and remove the PCB using a screwdriver. Fix the base onto the mounting surface. Connect two wires into the 0V and 12V terminals to supply power to the device from an EN50131 compliant power supply unit. Connect two wires into the terminals marked EOL for the Alarm and Tamper signals. These wires should be terminated into a zone on the intruder panel. Impaq SC only
Connect two cores into the terminals marked MAG for the alarm signals from the magnetic contact. The shock and contact functions must be wired as two separate zones in the panel. Select the correct resistance value for Tamper and Alarm by moving the DIP switch to the ON position. LED functionality
Comfort – Move switch 1 to the ON position.
Detection – Move switch 2 to the ON position. Within 10 minutes of powering up the device (or by activating walk test mode), single press the sensitivity button and the LED will flash blue defaulting to sensitivity setting 2. Before testing the device, press and hold the button (3 secs) to set the desired sensitivity setting. The LED will turn green for confirmation at which point the device is ready for impact testing. On impact test, if the LED turns red, the selected sensitivity setting is appropriate for the installation. Magnet mounting (type SC only)
Once the device has been mounted, position the magnet so the notch is aligned with the arrow marker on the PCB. Remove the cable knockouts. The magnet can be installed on either side of the device.

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