How to Make Simple Crystal Covered Appliques

Hi everyone! This is Evgeniya Valu, and
in this video I am going to teach you How to make similar crystal appliques to
use for your own dance costumes. Before we start an actual crystal application I’m going to give you a bit of an overview on what we’re going to be using
during this video. The first is a fabric cut where you are gonna take the pattern from. You can find lots of different ones, lots of different colors and types in
your fabric stores, so just choose any you like. Then we’ll need a textile glue
again there are lots of different ones available in the market so you don’t
really need to be using the same one I’m gonna be using. Check your local stores, your fabric shops, your local deliveries, see what’s available. Or you can also check my Instagram page where I posted a list of my favorite sellers where I
usually get my things from. Then we are gonna need a pencil for a crystal pick. I consider the white one a bit weaker than the black one, so I’m using the white one mainly for crystal size SS10 to SS30. And then I’m using the black
one for larger sizes. Then we need scissors and a lighter. Get the cheapest one, the simplest one from the shop nearby as we don’t need it for anything super special. I would also like to give you some extra tips on how to choose the right glue type for your personal design. What very important to know is that
there are two different glue types. The first one is waterproof, and I have an example here. Another one is water-based. I have a “Hi-Tack” fabric glue as an
example because it’s very popular in the UK where I live and work. What’s important to know about water based glue types? I try avoiding it as much as only
possible at my work because I mainly work with dancers and obviously they’re
performing, they are sweating, they need to wash their items regularly. And this
particular glue type, the water based glue type, is absolutely non friendly
with water because it becomes liquid again as soon as it gets in any
continuous contact with water or sweat. I don’t really want my clients to
lose their stones, I don’t want their costumes to be falling apart right in
the middle of the performance. So, if you know for sure that you’re gonna need to wash your item regularly thenI highly recommend you to use
waterproof glue type as then you wouldn’t need to be worried about anything. So, I’m all set up. Just again a brief explanation on what I have here and some tips on how to organize
your workspace and to make things easier for yourself.
So as you see I have small boxes in here with different colors of crystals.
I usually save boxes from jewellery, from little items and it makes my job
much easier. I can easily organize my crystals by
color, by size and do whichever I need to. The bright blue thing you can see right
underneath my lace appliques is actually a silicone baking mat for an oven. It’s
super cheap, it’s very easy to find it as you can either order it delivered to
your door or find it in variety of local kitchen shops. So it’s not a problem to
get one of these. Why is it such a life saviour when it
comes to crystal decoration? Well, as you may know when our applique is completely decorated with
crystals we need to leave it flat for some time to allow the
glue to dry. And the glue goes through the fabric and it easily sticks to
whatever surface you actually left it on to dry off. To stop that from happening
I’m using a silicone baking mat as I don’t really want to damage my table. So
the glue doesn’t stick to the silicone and you can leave it to dry for as long
as you wish and it’s going to be super easy to remove the applique afterwards when
it’s completely dry as well. And if you have some glue leftovers on the mat it’s
super easy to peel those off as well, so the mat is gonna serve you for really
really long time. You can buy one or two and use it for many many years. I like mixing different colors and shades and sizes of crystals together. And I
also like mixing crystals and half-pearls or regular pearls because it
gives me more interesting and more defined pattern. But if you decide to go
with just one particular color at the end – Why not?
it’s just gonna look as beautiful as mixing them together. So do what feels
right for your own idea and your own design. As you can see I have already cut
some of my patterns from the large fabric cut. I don’t normally get individual ones. I don’t usually buy small individual patterns because it’s much cheaper to buy just a
yard or a meter of lace fabric and just cut the patterns off because then you
have enough for even the most outstanding costume than ever. And when
you buy them individually you may end up with a situation when you
actually need to order more and wait for the delivery of course. Ok, so when we are ready we’re making a line with a
glue following the pattern on the fabric, on your lace appliques. And then picking up crystals with a
pencil just like this we’re gonna apply them on top of the glue one by one. But don’t press
the crystals too hard as it may not stick too well. We press them a
bit, so the bottom of the crystal kind of gets wrapped in a glue just a bit. And then we leave it just like this. If you see that the glue kind of went down
through the fabric you can just simply add a bit more and then keep applying
crystals. And then the lighter shade right around here. So we’re making the line with the glue, applying crystals one by one. I always use glue
richly because it helps me to make the pattern stronger. So the ready
applique will be harder and it will make it easier to apply it to the costume
afterwards. At the very end when my crystal covered applique is completely dry
(I usually leave it overnight to dry out) all I need to do now is carefully cut the leftover mesh fabric bits off Using the scissors. And then using the lighter I’m gonna catefully secure the edges Just like this so all of the small mesh
leftover sides are gone and my applique has a really nice and careful look. Just the edge! Really carefully without holding the lighter much on the
same place And done! When your crystal appliques are all dry and
ready to be sewn onto the costume just take a soft cloth and wipe all the pencil marks of it, so
the crystals would be really sparkling!

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