I Found Gold! My First Of This Kind

Hello, I was walking towards my location, but this spot cough my eye. I “camouflaged” the white Deus coil. Let’s see… The terrain looks modified. First find. Welcome to the 1940’s. That’s where this piece of metal came from. Hmm… A strange signal. It’s a button. GPS (POI) #1 The area “feels” already detected. A bottle top? Looks “1940’s” too. A “10 Reichspfennig” coin. 1941. #2 Something next to it. Under a root… A big chunk of coke. I don’t like this signal, but let’s take a look. Part of a shell casing? Ear clip from an animal? It has a number… Iron. That’s all iron. That’s gold! It looked like a screw cap. It’s a gold watch! There is a serial number and 18K stamp. With a gem? It’s heavy. It’s my very first gold watch. The previous ones were gilded. I used 14 kHz. It could have been found with any detector. There seems to be something else. I don’t know what it is. This is how this place looks like. This time it’s a screw cap :). That’s foil. More foil. I guess I got lucky with the watch… A “deep” signal… The material is lead. It’s very heavy. Probably cut from both sides. Must be “industrial”. My GPS asks for new batteries. It’s a buckle. Probably from the 40’s as well. Strange material. Autumn… It’s just a screw cap. Sounds like bigger iron. A disc made of zinc. Look at the compass on my “smart phone”. North suddenly turns 180°. Well, let’s extend the search… WWII shrapnel. A mushroom. Finally. Hmm… Could this be a piece of an oil lamp? How do you like the new coil colors? It disappeared… There it is. I have no idea… There is a sausage clip in every forest… The next mushroom. My coil is 9″ wide. There is another one. There. And here. I don’t like how this detector reacts. Iron? Hmm… I’m walking on something that looks like a path. A piece of foil. My “beloved” “50 Pfennig” coin. The worst coin you can find. The soil is compressed. I should re-ground balance the detector, but I have no energy… …it works and I’m just “passing through” without any expectations. A button. I’m almost on top of a hill. But everything looks “modified”. The targets (if any) are probably too deep. Hmm… Nothing. That’s what I think of this area. Even the mushrooms are “bad”. Now I wish I had stayed where I found the gold. I’m walking further… This is a short portion of a path. A spoon/fork handle. This section of the forest looks much nicer. The last coil swing sounded like iron… Now it sound like iron too (with (Tone-)DISC at “4”). What? This is part of a copper ring. DEUS – what are you doing? What was the depth – 1″ ? (with proper G.B.). I need a detector I can trust… Now (out of the ground) it sounds great of course. There is a tiny bit of iron next to it, but… It wasn’t affecting the ring. That’s not even iron. You have been a bad boy… I have to change the setting. I “accidentally” broke the LCD, but it still works… I just can’t see much. What a beautiful spot… I’m using 54 kHz with “Deus Fast” filters. It should help getting “cleaner” signals. Is this a small bell? I think, it is. A shotgun cartridge. Another one. They are probably “connected”. There is a root between me and the target. It’s a shotgun cartridge. A root – not again. It’s nothing. My assistant “The Dog”. And the proud General. World’s worst coin. A button. Something happened to this one… Hmm… Part of an oil lamp? It has a face… A buckle. Look, there even is a gem. Part of a copper ring. The tiny bell. There is something inside. The gold watch. (not cleaned much yet) A sapphire? Maybe a “Cartier” watch? “18K” stamp and the SN. Trash… (check out the description for more info) …more trash. And treasure. Detecting time: 2h:44min


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