Infrared loop scanner Rota-Sonde TS5500 DELTA

Delta, worldwide reference in optical sensors and measuring gauges designed for harsh conditions of steel mill, présents…. a new innovative loop scanner infrared Display of Angle position (in %) Sensor gives the position of hot product within the detection angle, displayed in percentage from the bottom Signal level on bargraph Bargraph to display the live level of signal and the threshold position (blinking LED) Green laser line Laser line showing the detection field of view for easy alignment of sensor Draw latch on hood Quick access to the window glass to clean it Toogle joint Graduation on the foot to help the alignement of the sensor Configuration of the TS5590 model Push 3 secondes on the ‘Conf.’ button, to setup : 1. the scanning angle: 50° or 30° or 10° 2. the output level in product absence (low or high) 3. the sensitivity range: N=normal or H=High Test function Push 3 secondes on ‘Test’ button to check the sensor and activate the outputs Easy maintenance Smaller sensor The new TS5500 is smaller and lighter compare to the TS2000. Accessories Junction box CR5500TS: when the access to the sensor is not easy Stainless steel heat shield to protect the sensor from direct radiations More information:

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