KIC Scanners

Using the KIC Book Scanners. You can use the book scanners to quickly scan
a few pages or a chapter from any Library book, so that you can easily access them from
home. To start, place your book on the scanner bed
with the spine lined up along the centerline. Press the big “Scan” button to get started,
and press it again each time you want to scan a new page. The scanner will quickly make a copy of the
pages and identify their edges, producing a nice-looking PDF. Some scanners can also produce images or an
audio file of the text you are scanning. If you want to adjust the default settings,
look for options at the top of the screen or hit “scan settings”. There you will find different modes and image
options. Book Mode is the default and easiest way to
quickly scan both pages of a book lying flat on the scan bed. Other modes will scan what is placed on the
bed differently, for example “Single Images” mode scans everything on the bed into a single,
large image You can also adjust the contrast, scan quality,
and whether you prefer colour, grey-scale, or black and white scans. When you’re happy with your settings, press
the “Scan” button. Continue scanning each page. The machine will put the pages in the order
you scanned them, but you can also rearrange these later. You can send your scans to your email, insert
your USB memory device to save your scans there, or even choose from more options such
as cloud storage. Before you do so, be sure to select the format
you’d like. Saving your scans as a searchable PDF will
let you search for text in the PDF from your PDF reader. If you’re using one of the scanners that
supports audio conversion, selecting Audio will save the scans as an MP3 that can later
be read aloud. When you’ve finished and retrieved your
files, press the big “End Session” button. If you require assistance, Library staff are
always here to help!

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