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– Do dogs do drag? – Do dogs do drag? I mean they can. You can dress a dog up in a dress and take him onstage with you. (lilting music) Hi, how are you? – I’m great. – What’s your name? – Crystal. – I’m Isabella. – Nice to meet you, Isabella. – Nice to meet you too. What’s your name? – Kristen. – Nice to meet you, I’m Isabella. What do you think of my outfit? – Good. – Do you like pink? – Yeah, that’s my favorite color. – Mine too! – What’s your job? – I do drag for a living. – Are you on stage? – I am, yeah, I perform on stage. And I sing songs and tell
stories and tell jokes. – I was just gonna say about singing. – [Isabella] You were? Do you like to sing? – Yeah. – [Isabella] What do you like to sing? – I like to sing Moana. – Do you like to sing, Crystal? – Yes. – Yeah, what do you like to sing? ♪ And the stupid magazines,
want me to change ♪ ♪ my everything. ♪ ♪ They don’t even matter. ♪ ♪ They’re not taking my power. ♪ (crew clapping)
– Good job! You’re a great singer. – Do you wear different clothes
instead of this every show? – I do, I have lots of
different drag clothes. – Like blue green, green,
and yellow, and every color. – I wear every color of the whole rainbow. – Purple? – Uh huh. – How many performances have you been in? – Oh man, I don’t even
know, I’ve been doing drag for nine years, and all sorts of things. – Isabella, do they laugh sometimes? – The audience? – Mm-hmm. – Yeah the audience laughs
all the time, that’s the job. – Are your eyelashes real or fake? – Oh, they’re definitely fake. I glued them onto my eye. – Ugh, glued? – [Isabella] Yeah. – What about the gems over there? – I glued those on too. – What about lipstick? – The lipstick I just painted on. – Paint? – Yeah and then I tapped glitter into it. – Glitter? – [Isabella] Yeah glitter! (laughs) – What’s under your wig? – Oh my real hair’s under my wig. And my real hair is like
shaved short on the sides and then it’s kinda long on top and it’s dyed blue.
– I think I kind of see. – You can kind of see it right there? – Yeah. – Just a little bit? What do you think, do you like it though? – Yeah. – Would you wanna wear a wig sometime? – I tried one before.
– No. – [Isabella] You’ve worn a wig before? – Yeah. For Halloween.
– What did it look like? – It’s straight down purple. – Purple, I have a purple wig. – Isabella, are you a girl? – I’m not, I’m a boy. What do you think about that? Do you think it’s okay for a
boy to wear clothes like this? – Yeah, like girls. – Yeah, it’s cool for a
boy to wear girls’ clothes? – Yeah. – Yeah. Did you know that I was a boy? – Uh, no. – [Isabella] You thought I was a girl? – Yes. – Yeah? – I thought you was a boy. – [Isabella] How come? – Cause of the voice. – [Isabella] Cause of my voice?
Cause I have a deep voice? – Yeah, like a boy. – [Isabella] Yeah. – Do you always dress up as a girl? – Not always, only when I’m performing. I usually live most of my
life in jeans, and a t-shirt, and a backwards ball cap. – That’s really cool. So you’re gay? – I am. Good question! (laughs) – Did you curl your eyelashes? – I did. I used an eyelash curler. But your previous question, I am gay. I came out of the closet
when I was 21 years old. – What’s coming out of a closet mean? – Coming out of the closet
means when you tell everybody that you’re gay. It’s something that gay people have to do. – We can also do that we can go out and when people open the door
we can surprise them. – Yeah. It can be kinda like a surprise. – That’s what I thought about
coming out of the closet. – Yeah, just jump out of
that closet as a surprise. – Yeah, I like freaking her out. – Do you have friends? – I do have friends. – How many? – Oh I don’t even know
I have a lot of friends. I know a lot of people.
– Do you have one hundred? – Probably. – Two thousand? – Probably. (Kristen gasps) – If you weren’t doing drag
what would you be doing? – Well I have a Master’s
degree in chemistry. And I used to be a chemist
for a skincare company, so I’d probably still be
working in a chemistry lab. – You wanted to be a scientist? – I went to school for
science and I thought I wanted to be a scientist, and then I figured out that I
wanted to be a drag queen. – Isabella? – [Isabella] Yeah? – Do you have a show today? – I don’t have a show after this today, but I have a rehearsal for a
show, so I have to go practice. – Okay. – [Isabella] Yeah. – What would my drag name be? – A good drag name for you would be… Ladies and gentlemen,
presenting Sparkle Pony. (Crystal laughing)
(crew clapping) Give a pose.
– What would be my name? – Now we gotta figure out your name. The one and only, Little Sparkle Cute Pie. – (laughing) Yeah! – And Isabella Extynn. (crew laughing) – It was good to meet you. – Bye Isabella.
– Bye Isabella. – So good to meet you. – Really tall. – Yeah? – 11 – 11? – Uh huh. – Wow you are really tall.
– I am really tall, huh. – [Kristen] My dad might be that size. – You think your dad’s this tall? – [Kristen] Uh huh. – Is your dad this tall? – I don’t know. – You don’t know? – I’m half your size. – Yeah. – Bye.
– Bye. – See you. It was good to meet you guys.


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