Mercedes Diagnose & Replace Mass Air Flow Sensor

Ladies and Gentlemen we’re looking at a 2000 Mercedes SLK 230 this one has a check engine
light that’s on and the error codes will take a look at
that in a minute but essentially it’s the going to
involve a mass air flow sensor meter replacement I am going to be using
my Actron OBD two scanner that I picked up from autozone to see
why the check engine light is on it should give me some P-codes that I can then I use in diagnosing the issue so finding the OBD port right there i plug the obd scanner into it the scanner is in place I will then put the key in the ignition turn it to the number two position and
then I will attempt to find out what the error codes are so let’s I’m going to read the error codes okay and it’s saying that there’s one
error code on here and the error code is basically hold on as one to one field trip
malfunction bank 1 p0 170 whenever fuel trim malfunction error if you look that up P 0170 look that up online you’ll see that it’s a mass air flow sensor especially for the mercedes go
ahead and pop the hood turn the ignition off alright for the biggest thing on any repair is knowing where the
part is that you need to replace how to get to it without causing injury
or damage to yourself and the other parts
in the vehicle and how to take it out without breaking it and put
the new part in with a break in the new part as well so the mass air flow sensor on a SLK from nineteen 1999 all the way up to 2003 I believe it’s three just look for the
hose this is the air intake hose right here right at the base that you will see the mass air flow sensor here and it’s from here to here and basically you remove by taking off this butterfly hook here there is another one on this side
there as well as this clamp here once you’ve removed it you reverse your steps by putting on the
new one you’ll also have to a take off the
harness thats in probably best to start with the
harness remove that by squeezing both clips
on each side putting that safely out of the way well uh guys like to do removing the whole a massive flow he usually does using a
star wrench take this both lots of these two nuts you can then extract the sensor but today we’re going
to remove the whole thing alright so what we’re going to do is I have already loosened up the first screw there that’s pretty loose and some guys will like to remove this top screw here that’s necessary but a is an option now I have gone ahead and
have polled the hose off of the air flow sensor already after loosening up that screw. the only thing
left now to do would be to reach an loosen up that clip loosen up the clip
behind it and both pull the center straight-out pull up and down to get that out while doing that while removing it out of
the way I want you to notice that there’s a rubber hose that did not come out with it you wanna keep this hose and if the new unit the new unit should
have a brand new gasket as well but if you
buying one aftermarket or if you’re buying a used one it may not have that so you may want to hold on to that now its kinda hard to see that see it on here
but there is an arrow that shows a flow direction you want to make sure that when you’re inserting
the new one that you follow and insert it correctly so that it flows towards the engine make sure that is pointed towards the
engine and not the opposite way like so because the air is flowing in past this
filter or pass this airflow sensor actually and into the engine that’s what the
inside looks like some days claim that they can clean this I have never been that lucky always requires a replacement okay so before putting the new sensor in place you wanna take the o-ring washer and put it inside where the sensor will be seated and that’s to prevent any leakage and um there’s some rings is a lip inside that
you want to make sure the it’s basically seated correctly once that’s done ensuring that your flow
direction is correct you will then insert the mass air flow sensor into position and should have a nice snug fit
because that gasket now after that after that’s done you will want to connect back the clamps on both sides on there’s one on the opposite side parallel to that one that I’m not able to
show you in the camera but you will get both of them make sure that you do get both of them to prevent any air leaks cuz that will
trigger check engine light as well than you connect the hose back I’m doing this one handed guys so holding the camera with the
other and alright once everything is tighten back all your clamps the hoses one thing remaining to
do is to insert to harness and it can only fit one way and goes on with a snap sp that’s it and then after that just inspect your work to make sure that you know by taking off the air intake hose nothing else disconnected make sure that you clamp is on and then that’s it you’re good to go there’s one last uh piece of work
still to do you should then go ahead and and start the car but before we start
the car should go ahead and erase the check engine light turn off the light erased two codes that caused the light to come on in the first place so I’ll go ahead and erase those codes attempting to communicate one code found erase it and once it’s been erased the new part
has been installed check engine light will not
come on previously prior to installing the new mass air flow sensor
I would turn the light off star the ignition and within five
seconds the engine running I you would see the
check engine light come right on so it’s been running now for
you know about half a minute and you never turned off and back on check engine light goes right off no longer an issue enjoy folks

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