Metal detecting 2013 “Live Recovery” 1820 Canadian Token

Got a hit there…Hopefully its not a can Its a 12:42 which usually means a coin.. its pretty shallow for an old just pulled this up from here, and ah, its something I like the shape of it I dont know if its a coin or what it is, but I think its an old coin, I think its a trade coin… ah yeah this is nice I think this is a very,very old coin Wow thats a cool find sitting right by this tree I’ll get this washed off a bit I found a couple other coins out here or tokens.uh…and this is usually what the old,old trade tokens look like yeah, yeah theres some oh yeah there some markings on there..oh! 18 21…Ha Ha Look at that 1820… is that what that is 1820 ! wow check that out thats a nice find..Sweet! Man it wasn’t very deep that was ah.. Gosh! maybe 3 inches..2 inches just sitting there and there it is


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