Metal Detecting a Park at Night – Got Scared

It’s midnight and the moon is… not up Doing some detecting at this park 1 krone 2001
Norway Same hole 1 krone 2002 Look behind the orange light on my detector
in a few seconds.
A man is sneaking up on me. Him: What are you digging here for? Me: Anything, jewelry and coins. Him: Oh.. you’re using one of those sticks Be careful so you don’t get a fine Me: It’s not illegal He left a few seconds later I was in a bad mood after that.
He scared me, did’nt see him coming 5 øre 1973 A big coin? Some kind of key tag Fantastic signal Normally you would think silver,
but the silver signals are different on this detector 1 krone 1973
Norway Looks good Well, at least it’s light Not much going on It’s a UFO 🙂 Keep or throw away? I’ll keep it Thanks for watching my video 🙂

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