Metal Detecting – Bad start leads to coins – Ep. 54

Hello friends Let’s start… I have detected this forest over 1 year ago Iron Really nice here. Let’s try our luck Here you go My camera has some problem with the lens. I’ve ordered one yesterday. You can see this on the washed out white colour of the coil. Great. Trash as always at the beginning Always fill up your holes Iron again Cheap camera Who buys cheap, buys twice 🙂 Btw. Iron Not today and not at the beginning Target That’s better Ooops, almost fell I can feel it 🙂 Great, a lead bullet. Close-up in a few secs Can you hear this high frequency? Cam issue Let’s go deeper in the forest. This is not my destination point yet. Spiderwebs Iron What’s this? A hole filled with branches Bomb crater? Nevermind Look, animal activity Nothing Train is coming Can’t hear anything Yes, iron Falsing, maybe the train has something to do with it Ahh, the hollow path. But not my destination point. But wait… Both of them are 1 Heller. I found the other one later Yes, I am really pissed. Absolutely stunning work, man Let’s get down in one piece. It’s really steep Also my USB cable got loose. I haven’t mentioned it yet Slow, don’t hurry Done The destination point. A nice little hidden spot. I hope I find something. The entrance. Of to new adventures Yes, nice alley You will here a lot of iron signals here. I am smiling at this point Target #1 Absolutely impressive. A screw Wait… Here you are Let’s begin Knee issue I haven’t mentioned my knee yet 🙂 Here you go First coin, yes There is more Coin #2 There’s more Covered with roots Ok, just a short break. Don’t worry Coin #3 Where are you? Coin #4 Fill it up Earth in my shoes Another signal Open up again 🙂 Coin again 2x 50 Groschen “Groats” 1970’s / 4x Schilling “Shilling” 1960’s – 1970’s I feel fulfilled. This is quite rare for me Calmy investigate A lot of iron also Let’s switch to “Reactivity 3” Here you go Coin at the surface 50 Groschen “Groats” 1979 Ah, here you are Ouch, the camera Nope, this wasn’t the signal I was hearing Still in the hole Yet another coin Some rope Trash Loud impact No way. I can see it Pigs Sounds nice A nice smoking pipe cap Wind protection cap from a smoking pipe What was that? Kamikaze-Biker? Big iron. Let’s leave it there for now Blue rope on a tree? Suspicious One sweep A coin again Modern 10 Euro cent Let’s try the green Nice spot No way, the grass is to high An impossible task. This will be an autumn or winter hunt. Let’s go back in the woods. A coin Again 1 Heller. Date unknown I pushed the zoom button accidentally. I hope you don’t mind I’m fulfilled. Let’s get back home an do gardening 🙂


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