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Metal Detecting Gold

It’ll help keep you up to speed and current with everything coming out of my channel these days Be sure to stay tuned to the end of this video where I have some great announcements for you have some awesome giveaways going on Right here in our metal detecting tips for beginners, whether it’s changing people are getting out digging Just some awesome videos being put out across the tube.

I’m telling you Hey, let’s go up to the Northeast and check in with Madison main, you know He’s put together a series of many hunts that he’s done in this Cornfields that had just produced a lot of old coins over the AERS I pulled some clips together from some of the check this out this week from Madison.

They Had a little while come up with some coins before they plow it in finally something solid Oh A live dig that pays off. Check it out large copper number two on the air Awesome. Yeah The jinx of the live dig is over Oh We did it again Can you believe can you believe another Lodge? Kapa? Awesome. I’m in a whole different part of the field About behind the house a little ways Can’t tell oh wow That is awesome.

That made my day two days in a row large. Kapa awesome Okay, the chords feel full of old coins pays off again and I pulled up this we’re in the 1700s, baby Isn’t that awesome see somebody put a hole in it made a necklace out of it very well may be Canadian I’ve gotten a lot of Canadian coins out of here Not gonna believe this down there on its side If you look down in there’s it looks like a coin if that doesn’t look like a flash copper. I Could get dinged by the plow or something.

Hey, maybe it’s a butter Let’s turn this over and look at this big bad copper sitting there another large copper, could you believe it? If you get a chance over to Madison means channel the link is down below give them a big thumbs up. You are right here in our metal detecting tips for beginners But he’s got a lot of great compilation videos We’re putting together this week these on vol 3 right now, so go give them the big thumbs up and say hey. Congratulations keep putting out great videos and become a fan of Madison made great job and if you want to talk about some old coins, let’s check in this week with hi. Lucky Yoda Well, hi locks. Yoda was just tearing it up pulling up the old coins. He’s on a great spot Check this up this week from Hilux Yoda. Watch this Whole lender pulls our hair, I mean pull the a half Go go park it off, please. Oh You’re doing there no, okay.

Just stop I got my first good coin here looks like a barber 1893 who’s first awesome Alright I just opened the whole back up cuz I went over and after I covered it and I was getting a Pretty good Tone and it turned out to be a Indian with it and then a little County mark just said you got a Washington 41 There we go Oh, it’s a buffalo Look we got a barber corner here This 1897 I didn’t I did not expect this. I have no idea if it’s a key date or not to know like good with coins No cleaning up later.

Yeah, it’s good enough. Awesome And anytime you can find a walker and a barber dime in a barber quarter and you’re just finding old coins like that you were On some great property man. Congratulations The hilux Yoda everyone head on over there and check out his channel Link is down below go give him a look. Go check him out. Hilux yoga hey, let’s check in this week with Cord over as his buddy Charlie put him on an incredible permission a 1602 old colonial settlement site what an amazing piece of property.

Let’s see what they were pulling check this out this week What’s up guys cold over here, I’m here a dog tag dog, Mexican Doug I’m here with Charlie and I’m here with the PA pirate who are a team, of course the nibblers here Look at this incredible spot that Charlie put us on this place goes back to what? 1730 first hole today 76 77 a little Scratchy Your first hole of the day Wow, oh Look, I see a rear edge I can see are you bust? Yeah, I can see a reed an edge you see anything Charlie? Well, there it is it’s hard to see It almost looks like it could be a draped bust.

I think I see a drape bust I think it up near the bench Let’s start charlie. I know thumbs up 78 signal out. Oh, I see it. It’s a big one. Oh, It’s a big one that looks like it could be a damn it updates a button, but it’s concave too And I see some markings on the edge coming through treasure hunting info.

Yeah, we’ll clean that up And yeah, you can see I think it’s a dandy button which would be probably late 17th early times It looks light be a floral design. There’s something like there. Yeah Well, uh, I Paul games how Paul for me the sign which is a sign There’s the sign that sign means Paul’s doing the why for YMCA or it means a large copper Oh, it seems large copper. Oh It looks thick to Paul It looks thick. I’m gonna guess it’s a large center. Oh Why do I see a bust on there there’s Paul’s copper and look at that that’s beautiful Yeah, I mean I can clearly see the boss facing to the right It looks like there’s some words coming in above her head It’s slick.

But I mean it’s not so slick where you can’t see it Nicely done man anything on the back? That’s the prettiest one so far the day way to go Jason Hey way to go Charley way to put people on some great property very generous to you then bye never went out like that for a crew punt I always love seeing that go on those collaborations Wow 1600s old colonial coin are you kidding?


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