Metal Detecting Gold – Ring In The Hole

Metal Detecting Gold - Ring In The Hole

Hey everyone this blog is full of adventures in dirt I am gonna hit this park a little bit a little bit of the metal technique honor today beautiful weather here today in Colorado it’s supposed to be up to about sixty sixty degrees today and you can’t beat that with a stick not in January not here in Colorado so we definitely have to get out here we’re out here in this back side of the school elementary school actually where my kids went to school and we’re gonna go hit this part there’s a park right next door you got a ball full ball field here and we are going to see what we can find Ryan’s first time out so looking forward to having them get that experience and may be you can find a ring using metal detector.

Huh that’d be awesome when I find a ring that’s good wants to find a ring so do I all right see a little bit cool first fine metal Tekin penny brian on the board Ryan Ryan 110 zero this is pretty shallow yeah don’t know don’t know something off or something how’s it going for pennies in a quarter well we’ll take the quarter right that works you find about five more of those we could buy a battery or something all right ice cream cone at McDonald’s how much ice cream cones McDonald’s is this the dollar I’m fun yeah no rings yet well keep going rings Gaby here somewhere right 76 77 wiggle technique yep wasn’t down too deep no markings on it junk pendant alright how’d you get that last place change have some change.

Yeah so we found our way over to a new park here in town we’re gonna go ahead and try that and see what we can find here it’s an older park so probably some old stuff that’s pretty deep the ground is pretty hard so I don’t think we’re gonna get down to we’re gonna get down too deep for that sure but we’ll see we’ll see how it goes I got a high tone signal like 70s I thought it was a diamond went after the thing would be a dime about three inches down but down looked in the hole and I think I got a ring ya see some Chinese next to the green stone something on the inside there I don’t know what setup to look at it clean it up get back to you guys alright.

End of day with metal detecting what do you think Ryan it does take a lot of time that’s why that’s old men like to come out here and just waste time just cruis in around finding stuff but we’re gonna go back to the car and do a wrap-up show you kind of the stuff we did pull up out of the ground today alright first day metal detecting out here was Ryan we hit a couple parks one an old part has a lot about giving on it and kind of want to show you some of our wrap-up here this is Ryan’s hoard he ended up with a nice coke can got there what’d you find out that was an electrical piece or something that yeah lighter some kind of nut I was telling him this old park used to have a lot of races here used to be a race park called the driving part and who knows that could be really old from something came off. There is a list of equipment used in metal detecting –

One of the old rate cut race cars you never know look they got a fair bit of cloud it’s a pretty good amount of change you had it up yeah alright go over to my pile of trash my pile of shame and then had this nice cool race car the Hot Wheels car got some kind of horn kind of 22 bullet or so slug Fair gonna change got this dog tag John Kaden Halver son for an 11 16 mm. So, it looks like it’s just a you know tag off some luggage or something and they will come up with that ring we haven’t been able to positively identify the hallmarks on the inside of it yet but we will and I’ll get back to you on that clean that up and we’ll you know yeah not a bad little haul for our first time out had to take advantage of this weather for sure so alright so hey thanks for coming along with us and we’ll see you on the next time right.


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