Metal Detecting VIDEO Glasses

Metal Detecting Video Glasses

Do you walkthrough metal detectors. I am going to be showing you one of my latest metal detecting investments. It’s something that’s going to help me make videos and it’s paid for by the coins that I found metal detecting. Let me show you what it is. All right, here we go. So these are called Z shades. You might have seen a lot of channels use GoPros and this is basically something that you can wear. And the Go Pro sometimes you connect you can connect it to the shaft of the metal detector. This is going to be (as I see it) a lot easier. I just wear the glasses there’s a camera that is built-in you can see it right there.

I could make videos. It records up to 64 gigabytes so I could essentially just go metal detecting and then bring the glasses home and put the stuff from the video onto my computer and then just edit it and upload it. So I’ve got some big plans coming up in terms of hunts and where to go this is going to help me do that. Anyway, let’s open it. Alright so let’s take a look they got the camera right here I know the lenses can come off. I bought some different color lenses. I got a car charger with it. Look at this. It comes in a nice box. Velcro so you don’t have to worry about ripping anything. There you go.

These lenses, they detach. I guess you give them a tug. That’s not working. I’ll have to figure that partout. But you know you could put it on in the dark, like I sometimes do, I can put either the clear lenses in, or the the yellow lenses in. I’ll figure it out how to detach these. I don’t want to break them. Look at this, you have some recording controls. You have. Oh I guess that’s where the SD card goes. oh and I see something for the USB. Okay USB port I could connect this and I can charge it and here’s where the.

Alright let’s see what else is in here. Got a case and it also comes with a USB flash drive. So that you could transfer files. And a wire that you could plug into the glasses; and connect the video that you recorded on the glasses and put it right into your computer. Plugs into the side of the glasses you just have to pull up the tab and insert it into the USB spot, which I’ll show you in a second. There’s also a cigarette lighter connector that you could connect and put into your car. It comes with a carrying case. A soft carrying case as well as a regular one. And you have glasses wipes. Not sure what this is I’m going to have to look that up.

Put it in the comments. Not sure. I got my instruction booklet. Let’s give it the true test let’s see what it looks like. They just started vibrating! Look at this. I pushed the button. I don’t know if that means it’s filming or not. Probably not. I didn’t put the lenses in and the card in yet. That’s crazy! Okay well I might look ridiculous but I look no more ridiculous than usual! So yeah these are the glasses. Let me know what you think. Not on the scale of one to ten for me but if you think this is a helpful tool for when you go out and hunt during metal detecting. Instead of using the Go Pros you know the camera is right here I don’t have to worry about holding my phone anymore. And yes starting with the next video you’re going to see these in action. Okay so let me know what you think.


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