Metal Detecting Warning! Test Your Gold

Metal Detecting Warning! Test Your Gold

I’m coming to you today with a word of advice make sure that you get all of your gold jewelry that you dig tested. Just because some of it looks bad, don’t automatically assume that’s going to be junk. Now everybody knows that gold doesn’t tarnish gold jewelry has other metals mixed in with it, and those metal can tarnish and they can corrode.  This ring is one I dug last year, I dug this out of the ocean and you can see there’s brown it looks mottled and bumpy on the surface. It was possible only with the help of a good metal detector. If you look inside there is green corrosion in there and this entire ring was covered The whole ring look like this when I dug it up something kept nagging at me so I decided you know I figured it was junk anyway so I wasn’t going to lose any thing.

So what I did was, I took some sandpaper and I sanded off all the corrosion and everything off part of the ring. Once I did that, I had it down to the bare metal then I did an acid test on it. it turns out this ring is real. It tested positive for at least ten karats, that’s as high as I tested for. A few things that kinda made mesuspicious about it you can see in there, it has inscription first of all who inscribes a plated ring? If you do that you’re going to be inscribing through the entire gold layer. Which means that if anything on this ring was going to be corroded it would have been the uh.

The inscription second was uh. I’m not sure if you can see that it was stamped nine carat now if your going to fake gold why would you fake a nine carat ring? That just didn’t make sense so that there were a lot of clues that kind of may be second-guess my idea that this was junk but, like I said just because it’s corroded just because it’s junky looking don’t automatically count it out clean it, or at least clean part of it and get it tested. You never know, may be saving yourself fifty bucks, a hundred bucks, all depends on the ring.

 This is the upper part I have detected before and found a lot of old coins Lets go down There is the cabin i discovered in the exploring video I don’t have permission to detect around the cabin so i will stay in the woods I had high hopes after exploring this place I caught a fish. I’ve been finding a lot of modern trash pretty deep so hope is fading More trash I decided to abort my plan to detect this area and move on The next morning I detected these fields 3 years ago.One of my first ever detecting sites. Today i will detect in the woods surrounding the fields I will start in here Perfect weather today, and nice and cool in the woods.

Some EMI here I’m ready First good signal Just a 70’s pull tab on a stick Surface find It’s a late 80’s 1 NOK  Still on the surface after 30 years Just a feet away from the last coin10 NOK early 90’s Turned out to be a small coin spill 10 øre and another 10 NOK That was it Looks good Another one for the collection Walking over to the other side of the field Let’s give it a go Bullet Looked like a bag seal at first, but i think it’s just trash Think i have something good over here Just a Suzuki car key badge WWII bullets? I’m standing on a big pile of bullets Still on the same spot More bullets Nail Still a lot of bullets in the ground, but i didn’t dig them up.

I wonder what happened here. It hit something hard in a hurry Lead, probably part of a bullet Something tiny More lead A dog is reacting to my beeps What’s this?Land mine? I’m a little worried right now because of all the bullets Careful Just a lid, phew. I want to try this side before i leave Trash EMI Too jumpy for me Steel Nothing more to find here Time to go home.


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