Minelab EQUINOX Introduction


Don’t go for metal detectors sales. I’m super excited to share with you mine labs new metal detector the equinox The equinox Siri is great for both serious beginners and experts who are wanting to step up into mine labs multi-frequency performance there’s two great models to choose from the entry-level Equinox 600 and the top-of-the-range equinox 800 Both models are fully submersible for detecting rivers lakes and beaches no matter.

How cold the water They’re powered by a built-in lithium ion battery that has a run time of 12 hours and is USB rechargeable Aside from being fully submersible the equinox is also extremely lightweight and both models come with built-in bluetooth low latency AptX and mine labs very fast.

Why stream technology the equinox 600 comes standard with wired headphones The equinox 800 come standard with both fast bluetooth headphones and a wireless audio module for use with your favorite pair of headphones There’s also many other audio options to choose from Both models come standard with 11 inch double D.

Coil 6 inch and 15 by 12 coils are also available as accessories. The equinox is equally adaptable to all target types and all Environments all you have to do is select the location and let the machine do the rest now let’s take a look in-depth at the equinox detect modes. Park mode is ideal for use in high trash environments such as Recreational areas and sports grounds. Park mode is also an excellent all-around mode for beginners, and it’s great for large silver coins Field mode is a good option for low trash areas such as farm fields. It’s slightly more sensitive to smaller coins typically found in fields. But it also may detect more trash than Park mode will Beat mode ground balances effortlessly to salt water and sand while maintaining high sensitivity. This is where multi IQ technology really shines. But more on that later Gold Mode effectively manages iron mineralization to seek out the elusive gold 40 kilohertz high frequency is really sensitive to small nuggets there are also many different settings you can adjust on the equinoxes making this machine super versatile noise cancer round balanced volume adjusts.

Threshold bevel target time accept and reject and recovery speed perfect for separating targets and trashy area It also has a 50 segment notch discrimination Scale and honestly you don’t need more than 50 this will show you whether a target is ferrous or non-ferrous. There are five segment groups to visually indicate IDs that have similar characteristics. The equinox gives you full control over a wide array of frequencies depending on your target type and environment with the equinox 600 you can choose from 5 10 and 15 kilohertz covering a three times frequency range ideal for large conductive targets with the equinox 800 you have the additional higher frequency options of 20 and 40 kilohertz giving an extended 8 times range.

Perfect for smaller targets including gold nuggets, but there’s one more key feature multi IQ technology. This is the killer new feature that will obsolete all single frequency metal detectors on the market today multi IQ transmits receives and processes a wide spectrum of frequencies simultaneously. To maximize target detection and minimize ground noise there are three important advantages increased target ID accuracy reduced noise levels in all ground conditions and fast recovery speed Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of testing the equinox and after several outings. I can tell you that this detector is going to be my first doubt. Every time you said you wanted it lighter you said you wanted it faster. You said you wanted multi frequency and mine lab delivered. This is the game changer to find out more information visit your local dealer for the mine lab.


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